Construction Proposal Form Style #3

Construction Proposal Form Style #3
Item# PROP-003

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This proposal form can be used for any type of construction project and it has fields for your license and expiration date

Don't need to include a license number with your bids? Check out Styles #4, #5, and #6 for those who are not required to list a license number.
When using these forms your bids will have a professional touch that even a trusty old typewriter can't achieve! Your professionalism will shine and your customers will appreciate your attention to detail.

What's Included in the downloaded Proposal Form Style #3 Package

In this package you'll find both WORD and PDF versions of the forms and they all work on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

The list of documents:

  • A proposal form in WORD format with provision for a contractor's license # and expiration date (a logo can be added and/or your company name and info)

  • A proposal form in PDF with provision for a contractor's license # and expiration date (you can add your company name and info; if you want your logo in there I can make that happen for you) :)

  • A document titled Instructions that I put together and it really would be good to at least check it out because there's good info in there that some may find useful


Both versions (WORD and PDF) have a blank field for you to enter your own legalese terms. If you like the legalese that I've included on Style #1 and/or Style #2 but want to change some things to fit your needs please feel free to copy it and change it as you need.

Full-Size Previews of the Proposal Forms

The PDF preview of the proposal form is a full-size 8 1/2 x 11 preview. This is to help show you what the actual form looks like, rather than trying to figure it out by looking at one of those smaller images.

Construction Proposal Form aka Construction Bid Form aka Construction Estimate Form - Style #3 - Preview

The Various Styles Of The Proposal Forms (Styles #1 thru #3)

If you are required to show your license and expiration date on your proposal form then you'll need either the form available on this page (Style #3) or you'll need the Style #1 or Style #3 form (it depends on your legalese preference).
  • Style #1 has standard legalese text

  • Style #2 has legalese verbiage that allows for interest

  • Style #3 (available on this page) has a blank field for your own legalese verbiage

And Remember…

If you do *NOT* have to include a license number with your bids then please check out Styles #4, #5, and #6 .

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you!!

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