An Iron-Clad Defense & A Cold-Steel Offense!

eBook: Get Paid!
eBook: Get Paid!
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This book is "Kryptonite" - it completely wipes out those issues that are keeping you from being paid

See page 84, "How A Contractor Can Get Payment From A Deadbeat" by Dennis Venezia, "Why Clients Don't Pay" by Anthony Igra (starting on page 50), and Tim Cordle's "Tims Tipz Do's and Dont's For Getting Paid" starting on page 186.

Hindsight is always 20/20

When I was a contractor I would struggle often with slow to no payers. I wish "Get Paid!" had been available back then.

Articles in the book such as "Don't be a WIMP, get your change orders signed" starting on page 7 and written by George Hedley, as well as "Managing Risks in Contracts" - by David J. Dybdahl (page 75), and "Get In Position To Get Paid" by Dan Bernazzani starting on page 70 would have kept us out of those difficult times.

Of Special Interest To Restoration Contractors

In addition to the many articles included to help all contractors there are also several articles that pertain to your industry specifically.

See "10 Things about Insurance that the Insurance Company May Not Want You To Know" (starts on page 31) by Ray Bourhis, and "Making Mortgage Companies Work With You (and beating the money out of them if they don't) by Ed Cross and Julie B. Isen Esq. starting on page 87, and starting on page 105 there's "The Restoration Survivor - Seven Things You Must Know to Survive in Today's Legal Environment" by Ed Cross, Esq.

Because collecting payment on restoration projects can be more difficult (gotta love dealing with insurance companies eh?) these additional articles are presented by experts in your particular industry to help you to deal with those extra obstacles that you face.

Why Pay For An Attorney?

Five of the authors included in this book ARE attorneys. Read what they have to say before you spend a dime on an attorney of your own.

In addition, as part of the bonus package that's included you'll receive four free consultations from four of the experts that contributed to this book!

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This ebook is GOLD!! Ironically, I was waiting on a $26,955.00 check to be released yesterday. I opened your book file at about 2pm and quickly browsed over it. At 4:30pm, I called our slow paying client and used language obtained from several areas of the book. Long story short, we ended the call on a very good note and the check is being deposited Friday! A big, big $26,000+ thank you to you and those who contributed!

James A. Myers Homeland Restoration Company, LLC Homeland Fire and Safety Services, LLC

An Iron-Clad Defense & A Cold-Steel Offense!

Compiled by Steven A. LaVelle
Instant Download Upon Completion Of Purchase!

Get Paid What You're Owed, When You're Owed It

This is the only book ever compiled with this many TOP experts in the construction field that tells contractors how to get paid the money they're owed - and boy does it have some excellent suggestions.

When you take a look at the lineup of authors, all top names in the industry, that have contributed to this compilation:
  • Ed Cross
  • Tim Miller
  • Tim Hull
  • Marty King
  • Scott Wolfe Jr.
  • Harvey Cohen
  • Diane Dennis <-- (That's me!) ;o)
  • G. Pete Consigli
  • And so many more…
… it becomes very clear that this book - basically a home-study course on getting paid - is a must-have for all contractors.

Hundreds Of Pages Of Proven Strategies That'll
Get You Paid Immediately!

The price of the book is $174.

Attorneys charge more than that for just 1 hour of their time.

... and as previously mentioned, FIVE of our authors ARE attorneys. Why spend crazy amounts of your hard-earned money on an attorney before you check out this book and the suggestions offered?

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