California Notice of Completion / Certificate of Completion (Bonus Forms Included)

Notice of Completion
Notice of Completion
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*Includes detailed instructions on A) how to file your paperwork with the county recorder's office and B) how to serve the various claimants

What is the California Notice of Completion?

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The California Notice of Completion also referred to as a Certificate of Completion, is the form that the Owner (or manager, etc.) of a construction project serves on all lien claimants (including potential), who performed construction on a particular project and/or provided materials for that construction project, that the project is complete.

Construction contractors and suppliers have legally imposed deadline dates for filing mechanic's liens on projects should they not get paid, and when the Owner of the project correctly records a notice of completion and serves all claimants within the required timeframe, the length of time that the lien claimants are allowed to file/record a lien is reduced.

Sometimes the Direct Contractor on the project will file the notice of completion for the owner. In this situation, it's a good idea for the Owner to follow up on it and make sure it's done properly.

This notice is not required by California law unless an Owner wishes to reduce the time allowed for a lien to be filed. Therefore, if an Owner does NOT properly record and serve a notice of completion, the only "penalty" is that the lien timeframe is not reduced.

The Forms & Documents In This Package

These forms work on both Windows and Mac computers, with Microsoft Word and the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Included are the:

  • California Notice of Completion in Word Format
  • California Notice of Completion in PDF
  • Bonus: Proof of Service Declaration in Word format
  • Bonus: Proof of Service Declaration in PDF
  • Bonus: Learn exactly how to file your paperwork with the county recorder's office and how to serve the various claimants

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Information Regarding Posting/Recording/Serving The Notice of Completion Form

This form must be recorded at the county recorder's office in the county where the project is located within 15 days of the actual completion of the project.

You are also responsible for serving the notice on all lien claimants (and potential) following procedures prescribed by California law.

The included instructions will walk you through all of that.

The form does not have to be posted at the jobsite.


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