California Owner's Legal Notice of Non-Responsibility

Notice of Non-Responsibility
Notice of Non-Responsibility

Who Uses the California Legal Notice of Non-Responsibility and Why?

The California Legal Notice of Non Responsibility is the form that the Owner (or manager, etc.) of a property may use to indicate to all parties performing construction on the property and/or providing materials for that construction project that:

  • The owner of the property does NOT have anything to do with the work (for example when a tenant has hired contractors to perform work on the property)

  • The Owner will not assume any payment or legal liabilities for the work on the property or materials supplied

  • By law none of the contractors and/or suppliers will be allowed to file a mechanic's lien on the property

After You've Completed Your Purchase

After you complete your purchase you'll be able to download this package that contains the California Legal Notice of Non-Responsibility form in both Word and PDF formats that will work on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

Start now and you could have a completed form in your hands and ready to file with the county recorder's office - in less than 5 minutes. Just click the Add To Cart button above.

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Information Regarding Posting/Recording The Non-Responsibility Notice

Be sure to get the form posted at the jobsite and recorded at the county recorder's office before your time runs out.

Currently the law says it must be posted and recorded no later than 10 days after you learn of the improvement.

It's only fair to give the contractors and suppliers on the job a good amount of time to be made aware that you aren't responsible and that they won't be allowed to file a lien on your property; it gives them an opportunity to decide if they want to do the work or not based on the fact that they won't have the opportunity to lien to guarantee payment.

If you miss the deadline you could find yourself responsible for the bills - and end up with a lien on your property.


Based on my interpretation of the most recent civil code (8118) you are now required to serve the Notice of Non-Responsibility on the contractor (and the lender if there is one) and keep it on hand.

Then when you receive the notice that the document has been delivered you'll want to attach that notice to the Proof of Service document and keep it in a safe place in case issues arise later.

In addition you have to fill out and keep a Proof of Service document and keep the paperwork you get back from the post office with that document. This requirement is in addition to posting and recording the notice. Not only do you have to serve the contractor (and lender) now but you also have to fill out a Proof of Service document.

If you'd prefer to purchase the package that includes that Proof of Service document please click here or scroll back to the 'Add to Cart' button at the top of this page.

Questions and Guarantees

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