California Notice of Non-Responsibility

Notice of Non-Responsibility
Notice of Non-Responsibility

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What is the California Notice of Non-Responsibility?

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The California Notice of Non Responsibility is the form that the Owner(s) of a property may use to indicate to all parties performing construction on the property and/or providing materials for that construction project that:

  • The Owner of the property does NOT have anything to do with the work (for example when a tenant has hired contractors to perform work on the property) *and*

  • It's been less than 10 days since the Owner(s) learned of the work being performed *and*

  • The Owner has not and will not assume any payment or legal liabilities for the work on the property or materials/labor supplied, etc.

What's included in this California Notice of Non-Responsibility package of forms

  • California Notice of Non-Responsibility in Word format

  • Proof of Notice Declaration in Word format

  • California Notice of Non-Responsibility in PDF (works with Adobe including the free Acrobat Reader)

  • Proof of Notice Declaration in PDF (works with Adobe including the free Acrobat Reader)

  • Detailed instructions on how to process and serve the notice once you've got it filled in

  • Each form has built-in "help text" for each field to help guide you with completing it - just hover over or click in a field to see the text

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Click here for a PDF preview of the California Notice of Non-Responsibility form & Proof of Service Declaration form

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Information Regarding Recording/Posting/Serving The Non-Responsibility Notice

Be sure to get the form recorded at the county recorder's office and posted at the jobsite before your time runs out. The included instructions explain the steps.

Currently, the law says it must be posted and recorded no later than TEN (10) days after you learn of the work of improvement.

Start now and in less than 5 minutes you can have completed forms in your hands and ready to file with the county recorder's office!

This notice, while protecting the Owner's interest, also gives the contractors and suppliers on the job the opportunity to protect their interests. This lets them know that they can't rely on a mechanic's lien to get paid.

Some contractors would choose to not work on a project where they don't have lien rights. This notice gives all parties an opportunity to make an informed decision (on whether or not they want to do the job) before they get too heavily invested.

California Notice of Non-Responsibility Form California Notice of Non-Responsibility Proof of Service Declaration Form

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