Spanish Forms

The forms aren't listed alphabetically but rather in the order that they might be used the first time around.

Your company receives unlimited usage of these instantly downloadable forms:
  • They can be used by any number of people in your organization

  • They can be used at home as well as in the office

  • They can be used on as many devices as you'd like
I strongly request and recommend that you make backup copy/copies of your documents before you use them.

That way if something happens with your computer and it loses the form(s) or anything else happens to the form(s) you'll have your 'master' form (your backup) to make a new copy from. :o)

I do replace forms at no charge but I may not be available as quickly as you need a new copy of the form and/or I may not be distributing that particular form any longer.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Labor Release Forms

All States

Labor Release Forms - Spanish Language

Bundle - Includes the English and Spanish versions of the form

Employment Job Application Forms

All States

Spanish and English versions - Includes two one-page documents, English and Spanish, which request less information than the two-page documents do

Spanish and English versions - Includes two two-page documents, English and Spanish, which request more information than the single page form does

I don't speak Spanish (although I'd love to)…

… So I had these documents translated for me.

Unfortunately the person who did the translations no longer does translations. :o(

If you see a form(s) at my site that you would like converted into a fill-in-able Spanish-language version I can do that but…

I do have to request that you do the translation for me.

I can create the form and put all the text where it needs to be, I just need the text itself to be translated.

Please contact me if this is something you're interested in. :o)

Thank you!!

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