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Warranty Form
Warranty Form

Now You Have Options For The Construction Warranty Form

As is mentioned in various areas here at the website, due to relationships I've formed with a couple other companies you now have options, that weren't available before, when you purchase this warranty form - and these options are pretty interesting.

You can still take the option here and purchase and download the construction warranty form to your computer but it's definitely worth it to check out this other option...

Especially since the FREE 30-DAY TRIAL doesn't require any payment information when signing up!

If it's not for you just come on back here.

Because you don't provide any payment information during the trial period you don't need to worry about being "auto-charged" at the end of your free trial. That, in my opinion, is a true free trial.

I work very closely with this partner of mine. Rest assured that you are in good hands no matter which option you choose - the customer service rocks!

Using the construction warranty form on phones and tablets - NO internet connection required

There are times when you're out and about and that 'smack to the forehead' moment comes when you realize that you didn't bring along the paperwork you need. Crap, back to the office to get another copy from your computer or the file cabinet.

No worries though if you're using the GoCanvas system; you don't have to be anywhere near your office, or a computer, and you don't need an internet connection, to get to your forms.

Got your phone or your tablet? Then you're good to go because that's how these work - and as mentioned you don't need an internet connection to use these.

When you do have internet access you can hit 'submit' and the GoCanvas system will do its thing. You'll get a copy of it, anyone else you've designated to get a copy will, and it'll be saved 'in the cloud' for you to get to any time you need.

You're in for a treat with GoCanvas:

When you purchase the form from me it requires additional software, whether that be the Adobe Reader or the Microsoft package.

When you use the warranty form/app through GoCanvas you don't need any additional software; it's all handled through your phone/tablet and the GoCanvas system.
  • As mentioned there's no additional software required (and yet it has more capabilities than Microsoft Word or any other program)

  • You don't have to worry about losing it in a crash because the form is always there in your personal library 'in the cloud' at GoCanvas)

  • You'll have the opportunity to make changes to the form should you wish (while it's as simple to fill in as it is here you'll have the option to make changes to the actual form itself should you wish - maybe customize it to your company)

  • You can get to it from your phone and/or tablet and you don't have to have internet access to do so

  • You can create apps/forms customized to your company and you can turn your own forms into apps that'll work on your phone/tablet (I'm always available to help so please feel free to email me with any questions or let me know if you'd like me to help you to convert your forms)
Plus - I gotta admit that it's just plain fun to use!

The savings are phenomenal:

  • The cost to use the apps(forms) as often as you'd ever like to is very low, as low as $6 per month to use every single app(form) in their library and

  • Expert support is included (not some non-English speaking person either) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

  • The 30-day trial is a full-access free trial; you are able to do everything during your trial that you will if you choose to stay after the 30 days
The cost of the form when purchasing it from here is $23 minimum. You can use it for free at GoCanvas for the entire 30 day trial along with all of the other apps there.

Distribution is a snap

Once you're done with the warranty form you can use the GoCanvas system (it's all included in the one price) to sign it (right there on your phone/tablet screen) and email it to your customer (as well as to yourself and anyone else you'd like to) - and, just like that, everyone has signed copies.

This works great for any document that has to be issued on the spot, construction warranties very often being one of those documents.

Purchasing the form straight from here

If it seems like I'm trying to discourage you from purchasing the form through my website, and instead access it through my partner, it's possible that you might be correct...

"Thank you Diane, I still have to say I am so impressed at the response and back up. I recommend The Contractors Group to everyone."

Amy Centlivre
Prime Electrical Services, Inc.
Back in the 80's and 90's we were filling in forms by hand or by feeding them into a typewriter.

Next came forms on our computers. No more hand-filled forms and no more pulled hair over trying to get documents lined up a typewriter.

But now fast forward years later and boy have times changed - again.

The options for filling in forms has gotten even better what with the additional software programs that keep popping up.

My goal is to save you time and money; GoCanvas saves you time and money.

My goal is to bring you the best of the best that's out there. GoCanvas fits that description.

GoCanvas offers an alternative, time-saving option - essentially creating "Super Forms"/apps out of my "Clark Kent" forms.

So while I'm keeping my warranty form for sale here I strongly encourage you to visit GoCanvas first and try it there before purchasing it here - because I do truly believe that the GoCanvas version will save you both time and money.

To purchase the form to use on your computer here's a link to go back to the top of this page: Builder's Documents Construction Warranty Forms

Here's a link to go to GoCanvas to try out the construction warranty form/app on your smart device (phones/tablets/etc.).