Got lots more, just need time to get them added in...

Please send me your comments and I'll post them here.

Dear Diane:

Thank you so much for providing all the documents to me. It's truly amazing in this day and age to find a company so honest and that provides such exceptional customer service. I am extremely grateful.

Mary Jo M. --
TRI-STATE Land Surveyors & Civil Engineers, Inc.

Diane, Thanks a ton for your forms they are really great. The sad part is I am soooo busy I am back logged in paperwork. Do you have an instant assistant I can use? Smile :)

Erwyn A. -- Regal Cleaning -- Escondido, CA
[Note from Diane: Oh to have instant assistants. How excellent would that be??] ;)

It looks good and works good! Thank you for the fast help! If I need any other documents I will come to you! Happy Labor Day!

Justin G. -- Cutting Edge Design and Construction -- Adams, NE


I have now saved them on the Desktop and they are opening fine - I also moved them to a SHARED folder on My Computer and they are opening great there too.

Thank you so much for your patience..... I truly appreciate the time you spent with me to get everything figured out.

Thank you!

Pam Wright --

Diane, Thank you for the help, the proposal form works great. If I need any more forms you have my business!

Michael D. -- Las Vegas, NV -- Concore Concrete Sawing & Drilling

We love your services! Would highly recommend The Contractors Group to others. Easy to use, informative and competitively priced. Thank you for a great service.

J. Dischner -- Cal Pac Sheet Metal, Inc. --

You are awesome Diane, thank you so much for your help! Have a wonderful day!

Tracy Jones -- Office Manager -- Valley Carports --

Dear Diane,

You are wonderful! Worked like a charm! Thank you so much for your help!

Karen Cook -- Cook Electric & Construction -- Templeton, CA

I loved the forms.

Today I completed 6 weeks of PW payroll reports in less than an hour!

In the past this was such a pain to write out all the info for each week.

So many small businesses do this work by hand and it is cumbersome and tedious.

You offer a great form.

Scott Biernot -- Pilgrim Fence Co. --

I had problems getting the forms to work properly.

I emailed the merchant and had a reply in less than 24 hours.

The problem was fixed soon thereafter.

I believe the problem was more me than the software. I'm so not the computer whiz.

The software is SO helpful- makes my job easier and Im able to complete certified payroll so much faster.

The lien releases look great when completed on the computer.

Both give my completed paperwork a much more professional appearance."

Mark Lindaman

You are sooo helpful. You are always so prompt in returning my emails! I don't know what I would do without you! :)

Robin - Hernandez's Reliable Lathing

It's great doing business with someone you can trust!

Look forward to doing business with you in the future as "trust" in business these days unfortunately requires forms and paperwork.

Though that does help you earn a living! Ironic isn't it?

Take care and thanks again!



Thanks for your response. I opened it in my Adobe and all works fine.

You have kept your promise to satisfy your customers.


Gary Thrash - Bagwell Office Systems

The Contractors Group provides us Contractors outstanding service with easy alternatives to getting the jobs done with the right tools.

Thanks Diane for everything you help us with, we truly appreciate your company and customer service!

SK Douglas Construction

This is truly one of the best websites I have ever used.

Marilyn H.

This is the best money I've spent. You can quote me as a "satisfied customer.

Michael S. Weinberg - Attorney-At-Law - Fresno, CA

Well, the lien worked and now we need a Release of Mechanic's Lien. You made it easy and fast and well worth the price!

With much appreciation,

Ann C.

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I used your proposal contract and closed a $53,000.00 labor contract.

I'm happy I found your site! Thanks!

Bill Stevens -- Bello Casa LLC -- Galloway, NJ 08205 -- (609) 276-3212

Before I came to your site all I knew what that I needed these forms - now I know WHY I need them.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful info!

Kathy Kubiak - San Diego, CA

These people are responsive, knowledgeable, and give you options. They're not hard sell, they just wanted to get me the product that was going to suit my needs best.

Barbara Parker - Fremont, CA

You will absolutely have all of my business when I need any sort of forms.

Thanks again for the quick and helpful response.

Dan and Deanna

I went to many websites similar to yours and not one had a guarantee like yours.

Everything on the site was easy to find and priced lower than any other legitimate forms websites I went to.

I can't tell you how pleased with your service and your quick response when I was unable to download the items I needed.

Deanna & Ron Bingham - Ron's Roofing - Manteca, CA

Hi Diane!

Thank you so much for your service and for crediting back the 2nd purchase.

That was very considerate and thoughtful. We will definitely be ordering from you again.

My company, Accent on Concrete, needs a few more forms & I am thankful for finding your site.

Thank you again!

Joe Rhea - Accent on Concrete

This company was outstanding in customer service as well as follow-up.

I would recommend them to anyone!

Ken Hopkins

This is exactly what I was looking for, for weeks.


Jacob Long Construction - Astoria OR

Thanks for all your support with the issues we were having.

I was using a friend's computer and we got the Reader downloaded and the form worked!

Thanks again, I'm sure we'll be using you again for forms. :)

Sarah Benarz

When Ramiro Medina of Medina Rebar Company purchased his proposal form he couldn't find the downloaded form on his computer.

He purchased it a second time and still couldn't find the form. He purchased it a third time and still yet again couldn't find it. (I LOVE persistent, friendly people! ;)

I saw his purchases come in about the same time I received an email from him that he was having troubles and needed his form.

I emailed him his proposal form with instructions on how to use it and I credited back his extra purchases so that he didn't overpay for the form.

Here's what Ramiro wrote back to me:

Hello Diane!

You have exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much.

Ramiro Medina -- Medina Rebar Co. -- San Jose, CA.

Thank you so much Diane! Definitely a pleasure doing the payrolls now instead of by hand! Have a great day!

Nicole C. - Schnoll Painting - Philadelphia, PA -

Thank you for your honesty as we buy allot on the internet! We will continue to work with you as needed in the future and refer you as well as I am an AZ Licensed Contractor.

It is nice to know that there are honest people, like you, still around!
Have a great weekend!

Dennis Tharan - President - MCL Technology Corp. - Arizona

After becoming frustrated with various lien waivers that I had access to within my office I finally came across The Contractors Group Store from an on-line search at Yahoo.

The forms are exactly what I was looking for, at a very reasonable price and I have had great customer service.

It appears to me that this is a company that cares about its customer.

It is also great knowing that as the laws change that affect lien waivers, Diane will provide updated forms for my use at no extra cost.

I highly recommend her!

Judy West - Office Manager - E & K of Phoenix, Inc. -

Great, got them, thank you Diane!

I will keep the referrals coming your way.

Excellent customer service.

Take care,

Amy Ruppert - B-Line Electric Inc. - West LA, CA

Thank you so much!!! Your site saved us today!!!

Luana V. - Bermuda Dunes, CA

Awesome!!!! You guys are great.

I'll definitely be doing business with you all again and will mention your site to everyone I know in the business.

Mark Anderson - ACT, Inc.

The Contractors Group provides us Contractors outstanding service with easy alternatives to getting the jobs done with the right tools.

Thanks Diane for everything you help us with, we truly appreciate your company and customer service.

SK Douglas Construction

Hello, I just got finished reading all the wonderful information in the 20-day notice package. You made the reading interesting with the well placed wit.

I will forward the address to all my subs so they will have access to all your forms.

I am just thinking to myself are you for real? Ha! Ha! I am so impressed with your service, you have a customer for life!


Ron May - The May Co. - Laguna Niguel, CA

Thank you so much!!!

You've been so helpful with this, and I will make sure to tell all my friends about you and your great services!!!

Thanks again, I truly appreciate it!


Hi Diane!

Thank you so much! You have no idea how hard it is to find good forms.

This is perfect!

I had no problems with the download, you are awesome!


Diana Fugate - San Bernardino, CA


I was so impressed with the results of the forms as well as the ease of use...

This website is my new home away from home!

David - San Jose, CA

"Thank you. It is very helpful and convenient! :-)"

Cindy W. - CFO, Consumer Electric Inc. - Monterey, CA -

Thank you so much for your very professional and generous follow up. In fact, your performance more than meets your promise.

Best regards,

Bob Negri - Santa Fe NM 87505

You are AWESOME!!! Too bad more people don't run a company like you do!

Thanks for taking care of me! I am so glad I found your site, I hate to tell you but, it is the best deal out there!

Thanks so much!

Laura Kalas - Strongsville, OH -

This is our second time ordering forms from you. I looked at other websites offering forms and you are by far the most complete and competitive place for contractors to turn to.

Thank you!

Maggie Gardner

Thanks so much! I love working with you!

Diana Fugate - San Bernardino, CA

Wow!! Thanks for all the info and for answering so fast! Very Impressive Service, I'll be sure refer anyone I can to your website. Thank you again! :)


Thank you so much, your efficiency is wonderful! :) :)

Anni T. - Artisana, Inc.

"Thanks for giving me such great support!"

Melinda P. - Perez Diversity Social Services - Taylor, TX

Hi Diane ~

Wow! Iím so impressed with your customer service! Itís outstanding. Thank you for your knowledge and for being so helpful!!


I Sincerely Thank You,

Beverly Averill, Office Manager - Thurston Elevator Concepts, Inc.