Letter of Transmittal / Request for Information

Request for Info/RFI
Request for Info/RFI
Item# LTML-003

Preview of the Builders Document Letter of Transmittal form

"I appreciate your help and the service you provide. You have been a life saver!"

Debbie N.
FrameCo Construction, Inc.

Sometimes it's just easier to use an already-created form, such as this letter of transmittal, rather than spend a few hours of your own time creating one.

Just pay for it, download it, and use it. On with your day.

If you want to make changes to it you can unlock the Word version (there's no password) and make your changes.

If you don't want to make changes and just prefer to fill it in then "unlocking the form" doesn't apply.

If you'd like this form in an online format that:

  • has provision for legally-binding e-signatures

  • allows you to share it with others without scanning and emailing or faxing it to them (and they can share it back)

  • allows you to use it over and over again - and it never gets lost

Then check out PDFFiller.com!

You can purchase the letter of transmittal form here using the "Add To Cart" button above, and then upload your new form to PDFFiller.com after clicking on this link -- you'll never have to worry about it again.

Send me confirmation that you've signed up with the PDFFiller system after clicking on a link on this page (an order number or confirmation number works) and I'll refund $6 of your purchase here of this letter of transmittal.

You must click on one of the PDFFiller links on this page (any of them will do) immediately before trying out their system in order to qualify for the refund.

If you'd rather use the form on your computer without PDFFiller no worries; the forms you purchase here will work just fine on your computer. And I'm always available to help (well... not 24/7 like PDFFiller is but still, I'm often available). ;-)

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This offer is good for 30 calendar days from the date of your purchase of the letter of transmittal form from this website and only if you sign up for PDFFiller directly after clicking on a PDFFiller link on this page..