Builder's Document Construction Joint Check Agreements

Joint Check Agreements
Joint Check Agreements
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Joint Check Agreements

The difference between winning a project ... and not

There are a lot of "old-fashioned time-sucker" methods that create significant amounts of overhead - which in turn causes your bids to be higher which then in turn reduces how many projects you win.

As valuable as joint check agreements are in relation to winning jobs, the overhead tied to them can be a project killer if you let it.

When I got started in construction I had no choice but to manage the joint check agreements in the archaic way laid out below...
  • I, the subcontractor, would fill in all of the job information and sign the joint check agreement form

  • I'd then fax, or scan & email, a copy of that signed form to my general/direct

  • Then I'd have to snail mail the copy, with my wet signature on it, to him

  • While I was snail mailing the wet copy to my GC/DC, he was printing & signing the copy that I emailed/faxed to him and then he'd fax, or scan & email, the form back to me

  • Then when the general/direct received the wet-signature copy from me he signed it and snail mailed it back to me

  • While the general was doing the snail mail part I was faxing, or scanning & emailing, a copy of the faxed/emailed form that I received from my general/direct to my supplier

  • When I received the wet-signature copy from my general/direct in the mail I'd then snail mail that to my supplier

  • While I was snail mailing the wet copy to my supplier they were signing their section on the faxed/emailed copy that I sent them and then they'd fax, or scan & email it, back to me

  • When my supplier received the wet-signature copy that I snail mailed to them they'd sign it and then keep that wet copy in their files

  • I would fax, or scan & email, a copy of the fully-signed (all three entities) joint check agreement, that my supplier faxed/emailed to me, to my general for his records

  • I'd then keep a copy of that same document in my files
That's crazy! That's a *HUGE* amount of time that the subcontractor, general/direct contractor, and supplier all lose - and that's just for one project!

Multiply that by as many projects as you do and you'll see that the amount of time lost is well beyond staggering.

But in many cases joint check agreements are the difference between stocking your project with material or being sued for not performing.

If you can't afford to pay upfront to get the material and you don't notify your general/direct well before it's time to provide it, preferably before the job is even awarded to you, I guarantee that general/direct is not going to be happy.
Speaking of contracts by the way, if you're planning on using joint checks make sure that it's included in the contract. If it isn't your general can refuse it and then you'll find yourself in breach of your contract because you won't be able to perform without the materials you need.
Fast forward many years later (more years than I care to admit) ;o) and now there's a quicker, easier, all around better way to manage these documents - and contractors are loving it.

The Best Method - Truly A 'No-Brainer' When Considering The Amount Of Money And Time Saved

With the advancements in technology, that eleven-step process has been reduced to just 3 simple steps - saving you almost 3/4's of the time that you'd spend on it when doing it the outdated way.
  • Go to PDFFiller to fill in and sign your form (it's a digital signature right there on your computer screen)

  • With the touch of a button send your signed copy to your supplier and to your general for their digital signatures

  • Print and file the agreement after they both digitally sign it
That's all there is to it. No faxing, no emailing, no snail mailing, etc. - no more lost hours upon hours, no complaints from anyone that they didn't receive their copy, and so on.

And even if someone somehow doesn't get a copy, forgets to print it maybe, there's no concern because it stays there for you as long as you want it to.

Make Your Own Forms Digital

This isn't just for the forms available here.

You'll be able to turn any and all of your documents/forms into digital documents simply by uploading them to your library - and you'll still be able to keep copies on your computer, as well as backup copies, etc. if you wish.

When you need one, or more, of the forms in your library the PDFFiller system presents you with a new, clean copy to use.

Through this system every party will be able to sign the form online and every party will have an original, printed document.

No more shuffling paperwork back and forth, ugh!

After you purchase the joint check agreement form from here and get it downloaded come back to this page (bookmark it) and click on any of the links to visit PDFFiller.

You'll be able to easily upload your new joint check agreement and fill it in there to see what you think about their system.

It really is that easy! PDFFiller turns your forms into Super Forms.

Lost forms will no longer be a concern for you; they're always right there in the PDFFiller cloud ready for you to use as often as you'd like.

They also have a mobile app!
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Nothing To Lose, Much To Gain

If you want to cut out all the manual, time-draining work involved with joint check agreements then most definitely use this form with PDFFiller.

Nothing to lose (except overhead) and everything to gain...

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