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how to write a contract
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Whether it's a:

  • Home service contract
  • Home building contract
  • or a Commercial builders contract (and more)

Whether it's for your:

  • Contract with the owner
  • Contract with your subs
  • or even a Project management contract

No matter what the contract arrangements are, you need to know how to write a contract that's iron-clad and invincible; one that you know has your six covered no matter what might go down.

That's exactly what the "Construction Contract Writer" (CCW) does - it's a powerful yet very-simple-to-use program that'll have you churning out contracts quicker than any attorney - at a fraction of the cost!

CCW Satisfies All Requirements

Construction Contract Writer, through its questions and your responses, drafts an enforceable contract -- in minutes -- that precisely fits your needs -AND- satisfies all requirements:

  • The project requirements
  • The Fed's requirements
  • Your state's requirements

Got Subcontractors? You NEED individualized contracts for each of them!

You can create individual contracts for each individual subcontractor on the project - each contract designed specifically to issues that can arise with that particular type of trade.

You can choose to create one contract for all projects and all customers and all subcontractors, that capability does exist, but why when you can protect yourself so much better with these easily created custom contracts.

Disputes Happen With "Bad" Contracts

When it happens (and it will) that you end up in a dispute with an Owner, never will you be as thankful that you know how to write a contract, an iron-clad contract no less, as you are at that particular moment!

When done properly, construction contracts can protect you from the worst of the worst. And believe me, there are some doozy "worsts" out there that do happen - you can read about some experiences throughout this website.

Boiler-Plate Documents

The problem with a construction contract that you grab off the internet, whether a free contract or a "for-fee contract", is that they aren't designed for your particular company's specific needs.

They're a standard boiler-plate document where you fill in the blanks - they're not designed with your company's needs in mind.

It's expensive to hire an attorney to write your contract for you - and even then, the contract is still boiler-plate!

Sure it's written for your company with your company's needs in mind however it's not written to the specific needs of each project you work on.

Boiler-plate contracts and/or non-custom (to each project) contracts are the catalyst to many construction-related disputes!

What Can Go Wrong?

The amount of crazy things that can happen on a project is infinite.

Have you ever been told a story by a fellow contractor about an experience he'd been through?

Was it exactly the same as anything you'd been through?

Was it one of those things that makes one say "who woulda thunk"?

Every job site has its own specific set of "circumstances" that have to be worked around. No two job sites are the same and a boiler-plate contract will end up requiring additional documents.

Then you've got the varying needs of each subcontractor.

An iron-clad contract with the plumber won't be iron-clad with the ceiling guy. Items applicable to one or both trades would be left uncovered - you'd be unprotected.

Construction Contract Writer Heads Off Disputes By Eliminating Loopholes

What about an individual contract for each and every trade that addresses specifically the contractor performing that trade, including his needs?

Construction Contract Writer
how to write a contract
Free Trial Download
Construction Contract Writer is a downloadable, computer-based program that will A) show you exactly how to write a contract and B) print the entire contract, filled in with information you entered allowing each contract to be specific to your exact needs as well as the exact needs of each project and each subcontractor.

Guaranteed successful download of these state-specific legal construction contract programs.

Draft enforceable contracts -- in minutes -- that precisely fit your needs AND each individual project.

Satisfy all federal *and* state requirements.

No more questions - CCW writes your contracts for you.

You're the boss though - should you wish to change something/anything, you can.

Plug and play - open the program and go!

It's almost too easy. Answer a series of questions, much like an interview, and out kicks a legal contract - for each and every project you take on, and each subcontractor you have (if you do); individual contracts for each project and each subcontractor are yours.

Complexity Has Never Been So ... Not Complex

The Construction Contract Writer will explain in plain English what you need to know before answering an interview question.

You'll be able to anticipate where disputes could arise and settle them in the contract before they happen. Continue answering questions to include the warranty protection you intend, the payment schedule, etc. - you can even create subcontracts from the prime contract if needed.

Resolve key issues in your favor with bias control

Many contract clauses suggest a bias that favors either the owner, the contractor, or the subcontractor. This allows one to shift burden or risk to a particular party.

Want to draft a contract that protects the property owner? No problem.

Need an aggressive contract that pushes the limits in your favor? That's easy.

Of course, if you want a balanced and fair contract, Construction Contract Writer will do that too.

What if you need legal help while drafting your contracts?

Construction Contract Writer gives you direct, free access to an attorney for help if you get stumped.

What about changes to construction contract laws?

By law your contracts have to stay in compliance; they have to change every single time the law changes - or you very well won't have a legal foot to stand on.

On top of that you could be disciplined by the governing board in your state!

But don't worry -- the first year of legal updates is included for free! The Construction Contract Writer includes an "Update" button and the program will tell you to click that "Update" whenever a change affects the contracts you're drafting.

Loved By Construction Contract Attorneys

Construction Contract Writer cites local court decisions and code sections relevant to key interview questions.

It's an extensive library of legal information for the construction industry; something that many contractors and attorneys have already added to their arsenal of knowledge.

Need To Know How To Write A Contract?

Look no further than Construction Contract Writer! Don't start another project without it.

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