CALIFORNIA - A-1-131 Public Works Payroll Reporting Form

CALIFORNIA - A-1-131 Public Works Payroll Reporting Form
Item# A-1-131
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Why This Form Is Vital to California Contractors

Using the payroll form to help with your online submission

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When working a certified payroll project a lot of the information required on the payroll form will remain the same from week to week.

When using the A-1-131 Public Works Payroll Reporting form in-house you can create a "project master payroll form" that has all of that redundant info already there when you open the form.

Things such as:
  • The project information
  • Your company information
  • Your customer's information
  • Your employee's names, withholding info, etc.
  • And so on…

Keep Your Payments Coming

Even though the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) requires contractors to submit their payroll information at the DIR website, DC's/GC's (Direct Contractors aka General Contractors) are still requiring Subs to submit this form to the DC/GC as part of their paperwork requirements.

These forms are invaluable to Direct Contractors because they contain so much of the information that a Direct Contractor needs from a Subcontractor.

Oftentimes, if a Subcontractor submits an invoice to his Direct Contractor for a public works project without providing this payroll form, the Direct Contractor will withhold payment on the Subcontractor's invoice until the Sub submits the A-1-131.

They are so easy to fill in (especially with me in your corner), and they so simplify your week-to-week and project-to-project reporting requirements, that there's really no reason to not provide the form to GC's/DC's that are requiring it.

It's a win-win. DC's/GC's find these forms to be the easiest way to keep track of each of their Subcontractor's payroll information, and the form helps tremendously with your in-house payroll duties.

Why using this form is still the easiest and least expensive way to manage your payroll

There are no special, expensive software programs required.

This A-1-131 Public Works Payroll Reporting Form comes in both PDF and Excel format (they work with the free Adobe Reader and Microsoft Excel) and can be used on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

They work just like any other document you use on your computer.

The forms are set up so that you click into any field you wish, type in your information, hit the TAB key to move to the field, fill it in, hit the TAB key, etc.

You don't have to spend money and time paying for and learning some costly new system when you've got this form available to you.

  • Saves you money: there's no special, expensive software program needed to use them.

  • Saves you time: you'll be able to easily save and edit your information, eliminating the need to recreate the entire form for every change and/or every usage.

  • Keeps you organized: when using the A-1-131 form in-house you'll have all the information you need right there in one spot - on the form - you won't have to look for it week in and week out.

Use the filled-in, revised payroll form to quickly complete the online payroll system

As mentioned contractors are still finding these hard-copy A-1-131 California Public Works Payroll Reporting form helpful to their business.

Say you've got a project that you're on for several weeks. You're looking at whole new payroll submissions to the DIR website every week.

The DIR upload system doesn't save editable copies of the A-1-131 so you have to type in every bit of information all over again, every single week.

Because the forms here are editable you can make changes very easily before giving your customer a revised copy or a submission for a new week.

And then you can use that same revised A-1-131 form to help you get the info entered at the DIR.

By having the revised one sitting in front of you (or the one from last week but with the current week's info entered) while you're re-entering all of that information at the DIR website everything you need is right there on that one document that was neatly printed on the printer.

Now there's no worries about illegible writing *and* you don't have to run around trying to put all of the information together for submission. The majority of the information you need is already right there on this form.

Having this form in front of you when completing your payroll online means you'll have it done faster than you ever thought possible.

Got some of your own mad Excel skills? Then you can probably do even more with this form!

Anyone with mad Excel skills and Schema and all that good stuff, feel free to manipulate the form however you'd like; there's no password required. If you know how to make XML documents you could probably make the Excel version here work in such a manner that it *does* export in an XML format that *can* be directly uploaded to the DIR website.

Extra items included in the package

The basic package consists of an 8 1/2 x 14 form in PDF and Excel formats.

But I've included several additional documents in this package. Please feel free to use any and/or all of them.

Inside the package you'll find:
  • The aforementioned 8 1/2 x 14 form in both PDF and Excel formats (they all work on Mac and Windows computers)
  • An 8 1/2 x 11 size - much more popular than the 8 1/2 x 14 which is a size that isn't as common as it was and nowadays a lot less folks have that size paper on hand
  • The Certification document for all versions of the form
  • A copy of the A-1-131 form with the certification on the front - a couple California entities have required that it all be one side of the paper so I created this form and added it to the package in case you might be required to provide it some time
  • A document titled A-1-131 What's Included.pdf - this document contains an explanation of all the forms in the package
  • An FAQ document with info about how to fill in the form and how the various "auto-fill" fields work

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