FEDERAL - WH-347/348 Original EXCEL Payroll Form (with 56 autofill fields)

FEDERAL - WH-347/348 Original EXCEL Payroll Form
FEDERAL - WH-347/348 Original EXCEL Payroll Form
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Who Uses The WH-347 Payroll Report form & WH-348 Statement of Compliance form and Why?

This WH-347 workbook will have you doing certified payroll like a pro in no time. Soon, you'll be wondering what had you so worried!

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When contractors, subcontractors, sub-subs/etc., suppliers, etc., perform work on projects that involve federal funding, they're required to submit in-depth payroll information following Davis-Bacon and the USDOL Wage & Hour Division specific reporting requirements.

The WH-347 Payroll Report form and the WH-348 Statement of Compliance forms are designed for collecting and reporting that information.

The WH-347 and WH-348 forms are also used by many states for state-certified payroll.

Notice: Effective October 23, 2023
New and Clarified Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements From The USDOL Wage & Hour Division (aka Department)

New Recordkeeping Requirements

The Department is adding two new recordkeeping requirements for contractors to the collection under 1235–0008 (telephone # and email address; social security number and mailing address were already required). However, like the social security # and mailing address, they don’t want this information added to the “certified payrolls” submission (such as the WH–347 instrument); rather, this information must be maintained in-house and then provided to DOL and other agencies on request.

Clarification of Rules for Employees with Multiple Classifications

The Department is clarifying reporting requirements that have to do with employees who work under more than one classification on a project.

Contractors and subcontractors are required to include on their certified payroll submissions (and keep records of) hours worked by an employee broken down by each separate classification of work performed by that employee. If the employee works under two or more classifications on a project, there must be a separate entry for each classification that shows the hours worked and monies earned under each classification.

If a contractor or subcontractor fails to report the breakdown accurately and/or maintain such records of actual daily and weekly hours worked and the correct classifications for those hours worked, then it must pay workers the rates of the classification of work performed with the highest prevailing wage and fringe benefits due.

What's included with this WH-347/348 Original Fillable Excel Form

The WH-347/348 Federal Certified Payroll Form Original Excel form package (vs. our turbocharged workbook) contains the following:
  • WH-347/348 form in Excel format

  • In-depth instructions that explain how to easily customize this WH-347/348 to your company's needs - as well as customize it to every single project you do … this will reduce *even further* the amount of time you'll spend on these forms

  • Filled-in sample

  • A document titled "Instructions from DOL" - this is a step-by-step instructional document about what goes in to each field - obtained directly from the US Department of Labor

… and everything works with Apple/Mac/Macintosh and Windows/PC!

The WH-347 original Excel form is compatible with Excel 2008 through Excel 365 only (desktop and laptop versions only) on Windows and Apple/Mac/Macintosh). It is not compatible with Google Sheets or any other program. Please click here if you'd like the supercharged PDF version instead.

PDF Preview

Click here for a PDF preview of the WH-347 & WH-348 US Department of Labor Certified Payroll forms.

After You've Completed Your Purchase

Your receipt page, and the instant receipt/confirmation email that you'll receive, each have download buttons.

When you click either of those download buttons the zipped form package will download to your computer and automatically unzip itself, presenting you with the forms and instructions that you'll be able to use immediately.

Autofill Fields Save You a Substantial Amount of Time

Here's a list of the fields that'll automatically calculate and autofill on the WH-347:
  • "Day" fields in column 4 (7 fields)

  • "Date" fields in column 4 (7 fields)

  • Total Straight-time Hours in column 5 (7 fields)

  • Total Overtime Hours in column 5 (7 fields)

  • Gross Amount Earned (top box) in column 7 (7 fields)

  • "Total Deductions" field in column 8 (7 fields)

  • "Net Wages Paid For Week" field in column 9 (7 fields)

Interested in having deductions autofill?

Working with multiple unions, or need to report child support, or tools, or other deductions? Check out the turbocharged WH-347 Excel workbook - it autofills 107 to 121 fields and we can add as many more autofill deductions as you need!

WH-348 - List of Autofill Fields

Here's a list of the fields that'll autofill on the WH-348:
  • "Contractor or Subcontractor" field (1 field)

  • "Building or Work" field (1 field)

  • "... payroll commencing date" field (1 field)

  • "... payroll ending date" field (1 field)

  • "... of said employer" field (1 field)

  • "Name" field (1 field)

  • "Title" field (1 field)

The time saved when using these forms is substantial!

Tips and Tricks

I've included within the instructions some tips and tricks to make using this certified payroll workbook even easier, such as:
  • How to customize the forms to your company to even further reduce the time you spend filling in payroll reports (plus fewer keystrokes means less chance for typos).

  • How to even further reduce time spent when reporting your certified payroll on multi-week jobs.

  • How to add additional WH-347 sheets to accommodate as many employee rows as you need.

  • You can easily unprotect the workbook and worksheets (no password required) to make your own upgrades if you'd like!

WH-347/348 Certified Payroll Forms - Weekly Format

WH-347 US DOL Certified Payroll Report Form WH-348 US DOL Certified Payroll Report Certification Form

Important Notes


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The WH-347 workbook is compatible with Excel 2008 through Excel 365 only (desktop and laptop versions only) on Windows and Apple/Mac/Macintosh). It is not compatible with Google Sheets or any other program.

The instructions are written based on Office 365 for Windows and may vary with other versions.

Please click here to see the turbocharged EXCEL version and/or here to see the supercharged PDF version.


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Submission of federal certified payroll:

While completion of Form WH-347 is optional, it is mandatory for covered contractors and subcontractors performing work on Federally financed or assisted construction contracts to respond to the information collection contained in 29 C.F.R. §§ 3.3, 5.5(a). The Copeland Act (40 U.S.C. § 3145) requires contractors and subcontractors performing work on Federally financed or assisted construction contracts to "furnish weekly a statement with respect to the wages paid each employee during the preceding week." U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Regulations at 29 C.F.R. § 5.5(a)(3)(ii) require contractors to submit weekly a copy of all payrolls to the Federal agency contracting for or financing the construction project, accompanied by a signed "Statement of Compliance" indicating that the payrolls are correct and complete and that each laborer or mechanic has been paid not less than the proper Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rate for the work performed. DOL and federal contracting agencies receiving this information review the information to determine that employees have received legally required wages and fringe benefits.

Please note that there is a simple PDF form available through the federal government website that you can download and use for free. The USDOL estimates it’ll take you 55 minutes to fill out their version but in our experience, it can easily take double or triple that time, and even more if you have a large field crew. This workbook will save you so much time over that simple PDF document.

- Federal certified payroll must be submitted weekly -
Please note that this is a weekly version. The USDOL Wage & Hour Division has stated that because federal certified payroll MUST be paid no less than once per week, and MUST be reported weekly per Davis-Bacon, a biweekly version is not valid and must not be used.
Do not submit your federal payroll on a biweekly form.

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