FEDERAL - WH-347/348 Supercharged PDF Payroll Forms with 56 fields that autofill!

FEDERAL - WH-347/348 Supercharged PDF Payroll Forms
FEDERAL - WH-347/348 Supercharged PDF Payroll Forms
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NO monthly fees - each form is a one-time payment for unlimited, forever usage!

Who Uses The WH-347 Payroll Report form & WH-348 Statement of Compliance form and Why?

Dealing with certified payroll requirements can be stressful. I was a nervous wreck with it myself when I first started so I understand. Please don't let it do that to you. I've made this form easy to fill in, I've added some cool little auto-fill features, I've included detailed instructions, and I'm here if you have any questions or worries.

These forms will have you doing certified payroll like a pro in no time *and* you'll be wondering what had you so worried!

Happy Customers

"I've been in business for 3 years. And I use the internet a lot for info. I spent 3 hours looking for a form and your site had it! THANKS!"

Shirley - Vacaville, CA
"Thank you, I LOVE this form. Your products are incredibly reasonable and I couldn't find a lower price........ I will always come to your website for all of my online form needs. I enjoy the ease of the Certified Payroll Form and it has saved me time and effort. Thanks Again!"

Janet Antonacci - United Fence Contractors, Inc. St. Louis, MO
"I love having this form electronically. It's made my world, working for the government, much easier!"

Best, Tom Newell - Newell Property Services, Inc.
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When the OMB # expires on 7/31/2024, if the reporting requirements change we will discount your purchase price of the new, updated PDF forms package by 100% of the amount that you paid for your purchase of the current PDF forms package today, up to the full price of the new package!

If the reporting requirements don't change you can easily edit and update the OMB number and expiration date in this PDF package and continue using it through the next expiration date at least, which is usually set for another three years.

When contractors, subcontractors, sub-subs/etc., suppliers, etc. perform work on/for projects located on federal land (such as military bases) they're required to provide in-depth payroll information about their employees and themselves.

The WH-347 Payroll Report form and the WH-348 Statement of Compliance forms are designed for collecting and reporting that information.

What's included in this package of WH-347/348 forms

  • Supercharged WH-347 and 348 forms in PDF, with 56 autofill fields that will save you an amazing amount of time!

  • In-depth instructions that explain how to easily customize this WH-347/348 to your company's needs - as well as customize it to every single project you do Ö this will reduce *even further* the amount of time you'll spend on these forms. A copy of the instructional document posted at the USDOL is included in the instructions for your convenience.

  • Filled-in sample/example of the forms.

Ö and everything works with both Macintosh and Windows computers.


Click here for a preview of the WH-347 & WH-348 US Department of Labor Certified Payroll form in the standard weekly format

After You've Completed Your Purchase

Your receipt page, and the instant receipt/confirmation email that you'll receive, each have download buttons.

When you click either of those download buttons the zipped form package will download to your computer and automatically unzip itself, presenting you with the forms and instructions that you'll be able to use immediately.

Save a Substantial Amount of Time with Fields that Auto-Calculate and Autofill

These supercharged forms have 56 fields that will autofill for you, based on entries in the other fields, saving you massive amounts of time and keystrokes!

Here's a list of the fields that'll autofill on the WH-347 form:

  • "Day" fields in column 4 (7 fields)

  • "Date" fields in column 4 (7 fields)

  • "Total Straight-time Hours" field in column 5 (7 fields)

  • "Total Overtime Hours" field in column 5 (7 fields)

  • "Gross Amount Earned" field (top box) in column 7 (7 fields)

  • "Total Deductions" field in column 8 (7 fields)

  • "Net Wages Paid For Week" field in column 9 (7 fields)

And on the WH-348 form:

  • "Contractor or Subcontractor" field (1 field)

  • "Building or Work" field (1 field)

  • "... payroll commencing date" field (1 field)

  • "... payroll ending date" field (1 field)

  • "... of said employer" field (1 field)

  • "Name" field (1 field)

  • "Title" field (1 field)

The time saved when using these forms is substantial!

OMB Number and Expiration Date

The current OMB Number on the WH-347 form was renewed by the government in 2021 to expire on July 31, 2024. When the expiration date is renewed itís typically set to expire again in three (3) years.

When the OMB number expires, the USDOL Wage & Hour Division may leave the current reporting requirements in place and do nothing more than extend the expiration date for another 3 (or however many) years or they may change the OMB Number and expiration date without changing the reporting requirements or they may also change the reporting requirements.

If the reporting requirements remain the same, youíll be able to continue using this PDF package because weíve included instructions thatíll walk you through how to easily change the OMB Number and expiration date.

If the reporting requirements change requiring a change in the layout or function of the WH-347/348 PDF forms, we will endeavor to have an updated version that meets the new requirements available for purchase as quickly as possible.

*If the reporting requirements do change when the OMB number expires on 7/31/2024, requiring a change to the current forms, we'll discount your purchase of the revised and updated forms package at that time by the same amount that you paid for your purchase of the current forms package today.

Tips and Tricks

I've included within the downloadable package some tips and tricks to make certified payroll even easier for you. The easy-to-understand instructions explain:

  • How to customize the forms to your company to even further reduce, by more than half, the amount of time you spend filling in payroll reports (and reduce the change for typos).

  • How to report payroll for employees who work under multiple classifications on a project.

  • How to even further reduce time spent when reporting your certified payroll on multi-week jobs.

WH-347/348 Certified Payroll Forms - Weekly Format

WH-347 US DOL Certified Payroll Report Form WH-348 US DOL Certified Payroll Report Certification Form

- Federal certified payroll must be submitted weekly -
Please note that this is a weekly version. The USDOL Wage & Hour Division has stated that because federal certified payroll MUST be paid no less than once per week, and MUST be reported weekly per Davis-Bacon, a biweekly version is not valid and must not be used.
Do not submit your federal payroll on a biweekly form.

*Please note that there is a simple PDF form available through the federal government website that you can download and use for free. The USDOL estimates itíll take you 55 minutes to fill out their version but in our experience, it can easily take double or triple that time, and even more if you have a large field crew. This PDF with 56 autofill fields will save you so much time over their simple PDF document.

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