California Mechanic's Lien Forms Collection

California Mechanic's Lien Forms Collection

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Exclusive, free bonus included in this California mechanic's lien forms package:

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  • An in-depth and exclusive discussion / exploration / breakdown / instructions for the California mechanic's lien laws researched and written by yours truly with help from my attorney

  • The Notice to Owner document

  • The Proof of Service document

  • Documents with shortcuts to save you time
This package is not available anywhere else, online or off!

Full-Size Previews of the Package

Please click the links to preview the forms. Please let me know if the previews give you any trouble.

These California mechanic's lien forms are used when payment due hasn't been made and you wish to claim a mechanic's lien, or to reduce or release a lien when appropriate.

What you'll find in your new package of mechanic's lien forms

In addition to usable versions of the form previews above, this package contains an in-depth and exclusive discussion about the ever-more-difficult-to-follow ;o) California mechanic's lien laws

And just for fun, use it if you'd like (they're completely legal), there are a few triple page documents that I created that each contain the lien form, the notice to owner form, and the proof of service form.

They're set up so that when you fill in a field, all of the like fields in all three forms will automatically fill in.

For example when you enter the customer's name in a field then every field that calls for the customer's name will automatically fill with the customer's name.

Less time on keystrokes means more time for thumb wrestling!

They work in both Windows and Macintosh on Word and PDF (used with the free Adobe Reader).

The in-depth discussion and the special triple-page forms are only available when purchasing the package on this page, they are not available individually or anywhere else.

PLEASE read the ReadMe that comes in the package in order to know which forms are which.

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When purchasing these forms, you'll get a greater than 50% savings over purchasing them separately. This discount is available only when purchasing these forms in this package. If the forms are purchased separately, I will be unable to adjust the price paid for the forms. If you think that you might need all of these forms at some point, please purchase the package instead of the individual forms.

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You'll get the PDF and Word versions, and they work on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

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Upon completion of your purchase, you'll land at your confirmation page where you'll see a DOWNLOAD button. Click that button to download your forms package.

The file that downloads to your computer,, will unzip itself and present you with four folders, one that contains the mechanic's lien forms, one that contains the mechanic's lien release forms, one that contains the mechanic's partial lien release forms and one that contains the mechanic's lien withdrawal forms.

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