California Conditional Upon Final Lien Waiver Release (#3)

California Conditional Upon Final Lien Waiver Release (#3)
Item# RLS3-CA

NO monthly fees - each form is a one-time payment for unlimited, forever usage!

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When to use the #3 California Conditional Waiver and Release Upon Final Payment form

When you're working on a project in California you'll submit this form when you're invoicing for the very last payment on the job (this includes all change orders, retentions, etc.).

Use this form ONLY when you are invoicing for the FINAL payment on the project - don't use it when invoicing for a progress payment.

Be very careful with these forms as mistakes could cause you to be paid less than what you should or even not be paid at all - and with no lien rights!

Here's a link to the #1 conditional upon progress lien waiver form in case you you need it instead.

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