Reasons To Purchase Our Forms

The paperwork for a construction project can often seem to be more work than the actual job itself

It's also:
  • Boring

  • Confusing

  • Frustrating

  • Irritating

  • Painful

  • Tedious

  • Time-consuming
Well ... as of today you no longer have to worry about those things. My customers often refer to me as their new "home away from home". I hope you'll feel the same way.

Never feel lost or confused about which construction contract legal form you need and when to use it

You'll never be left alone and hung out to dry - you'll always have me in your court to help whenever you need it!
  • I'm always at your fingertips ready to help you - usually within minutes to just a couple hours

  • You'll never have to whip out your credit card to get answers to your questions

  • You'll have the freedom to ask as many questions as you'd like, even if they're not questions about the forms themselves

  • You'll never have to worry about feeling lost and confused over which form you should use when - it's like I'm right there next to you guiding you every step of the way (hopefully that's not too stalkerish! ;)

Happy Customers!

Keep your business turning a profit!

Finally, you can focus your valuable time on putting more jobs on your books and less time dealing with the paperwork nightmares!
  • These construction contract legal forms reside on your computer rather than online which means you won't have to waste time continually downloading new copies (you don't even have to be online to use them)

  • With unlimited usage you'll be able to use them as often as you wish, as many times as you need to (kind of like a never-ending pad of forms - but much better because you can fill them in with your computer and save them; no more typewriters or whiteout or forms filled in by hand ... and no more writer's cramp)

  • Because you won't be wasting any more of your time downloading copies every time you need one and you won't have to worry about spending any more of your money every time you need one you'll enjoy higher profit margins

  • Higher profit margins mean your business stays in the black!

Take on Larger Jobs and Increase Your Company's Value

Keep more of your money. Invest it back into your company. Increase the number of jobs on your books and the value of your business!
  • Don't worry if your computer loses the form(s) - you get unlimited free replacements of every form you purchase - send me an email and I'll email new copies to you (while you keep your wallet in your pocket)

  • You'll be able to invest your hard-earned money back into your business

  • You'll increase your capacity to take on larger jobs which will increase your company's value

Radiate confidence to your customers, and impress them with your quickness, accuracy, and professionalism!

These downloadable construction contract legal forms can be the difference between:
  • Getting the job or not

  • Getting paid on time or not

  • Having confidence - that alone can help you beat out the other bidders

  • Getting referrals from your customers to their family, friends, and neighbors

Imagine how you'll feel when you put one of these professional forms in front of your customer...

  • Empowered!

  • Proud (and rightfully so)!

  • Ready to take on the world!
Your customers will be so impressed that not only can you do a beautiful job for them but that you can also provide them with clean, clear, and easy-to-understand paperwork - your phone will ring off the hook from the referrals they send your way!

Your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed

If you are in any way for any reason not satisfied with the forms even after downloading and trying them out just let me know and I'll refund your purchase in full.

I can also make some changes to some forms, sometimes at no charge. Let me know what you need - if it's minor I can probably get it done relatively quickly and for free; if it's something more involved let's chat. :)

How Your Purchase Works