You'll find these forms a breeze to use

1. Go to the form on your computer
When you downloaded the form/package it went to wherever your browser told it to go. Some browsers are set up to download directly tot computer desktop and others are set up to download to other areas. If you know where you downloads go please go to it and click it to open it. If you don't know where it downloaded to and can't find it please email me and I'll send you another copy of it attached to an email. :)

2. Click it to open it and fill it in
When you locate the form on your computer click it to open it. It'll open as a full-size 8 1/2 x 11 document just like another document.
If it's a Word form it'll open in Microsoft Word (it won't work in Works or Wordpad or Wordperfect) for both Windows and Mac; if it's a PDF form it'll open in the free Reader (which is already installed on most computers but available for free for anyone who doesn't already have it) for both Windows and Mac; and if it's an Excel form it'll open in Excel for both Windows and Mac.

Whether you're on a PC or a Mac if you don't have Word or Excel that's okay, the PDF versions are just as excellent as the Word and Excel versions. Even many who do have Word and Excel still prefer to use the PDF versions.
You'll see the template itself with the fill-in-able lines currently blank.

Use your mouse to click your cursor into the first field. Fill in what needs to go in that line and then use your TAB button to TAB to the next field and fill it in. Continue in that manner until you've filled in the form completely.

If you need to make changes to anything you filled in you can click into the field or you can TAB until you get to that field and make your changes.

Please remember, if the package won't unzip/open properly so that you can use the forms, or it unzips/opens and gives you some odd message or "gobbledy-gook", it just means it's not unzipping/opening properly which is easily fixed and at no additional expense ... don't purchase an "unzip" program, instead email me and I'll email the "already-unzipped" forms to you. :)

3. Save the filled-in form
Once you're done filling in the form then you can save it before printing/emailing it. I usually suggest saving it under a different file name (as an example "john's deli proposal") which will keep your original copy of the form clean and ready to go the next time you need it.
If you do accidentally save it under the same file name no worries. You can save it again using a different file name. Then erase everything you've filled in and save it again using a descriptive file name such as "proposal master form" or something along those lines.

The other option should you accidentally save over the original is to email me and I'll email another copy to you. Remember you get unlimited free replacements for two full years from your date of purchase.

4. Changing a form that you've already filled in
If you need to make changes to a form you've filled in you can click it to open it just like you would normally and change whatever you need to change in there. Then save it again and it'll be updated with your changes.

You can also choose to save it with something included in the file name such as rev2 (or 3 or 4, etc.) so that you'll always have a copy of the original and then each revision.

5. Distributing the filled-in form
After you've filled in the form and saved it you can either email it or fax it or mail it or hand it off personally, however you'd like to distribute it.

You can print an additional copy for your files if you'd like and/or save it on your computer in job folders but be sure to make a backup copy on a thumb drive or CD or removable backup drive (however you back up important documents) whether or not you print it.

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Please follow this link for information on my free replacements, free updates, and free support policies