Time Sheet / Time Card #1

Time Sheet / Time Card #1

Which time sheet would you prefer to work with when putting your payroll together?

My guess is the one on the left. The time sheet on the right looks like the employee shared his lunch with you.

Put that time sheet in your file drawer and soon the bugs will be sharing too, ugh! ;o)

The alternative to filthy, hand-written time sheets and time cards

If you don't like paper time sheets (and/or the yuck that comes with them) and you do like the way the time sheet on the above left looks then please keep reading.

With the help of a partner company I was able to create some time sheet apps (for phones and tablets) to replace paper time sheets.

These time sheet apps are crazy easy to use

These apps/electronic time sheets are so easy to use and yet they'll speed up the entire company's productivity.

Your employee will quickly and easily fill in a few 'screens' on his phone/tablet (examples below):

...and when he hits submit...

You'll receive a PDF that resembles this:

Would you like to customize this time sheet or
convert your own time sheet? I can help with that...

Just think about it...

... no scribbles, no lunch leftovers, no blood smears from injuries, no grease, no smudge marks, etc. ...
Your employee doesn't even have to come in to the office to submit his time and you don't have to sit and wait after hours if he's late getting back. He's happy, you're happy, we're all happy!
You can print the employees PDF time sheet if you'd like (or not if you'd rather not). The submissions are saved so that you can go back and read, and/or print, the PDF any time you'd like.

The time sheets will be legible *and* you won't have to worry about what's crawling around in the file cabinets!

An HONEST 30-day Free Trial

What's an *honest* 30-day free trial?

One that doesn't automatically renew and charge your card!

With this free trial you won't provide any payment information - virtually guaranteeing that you will *not* be automatically renewed and charged.

Best thing about this free trial?

It's not wimpy! It's not restricted to just a few apps or a few uses. You get *everything* that you get with a full subscription.

Use any and all of the apps that you'd like to, as often as you'd like to, during your trial - exactly the same as your subscription should you decide to keep on after your free 30 days expire.

That means *unlimited use of every app* in the app library along with unlimited use of the system; you can have as many employees as you wish using the time sheet app - however you are not required to have every employee use them e.g. office workers, employees who don't work in grime, etc.; it's up to you and entirely in your control.

Seven versions - one for every day of the week

Some pay periods start on Monday, some on Tuesday, some on Wednesday, etc.

For that reason I made seven, so that no matter what day your pay period starts on there's a time sheet for you and your company.

The following time sheets are available as apps for your phones and tablets:
Go ahead and click through to check out the one that corresponds with your pay period.

Internet access is not required to use the app

The employee downloads the time sheet app to his phone/tablet while he has internet access.

Once it's on his phone he does *not* need internet access to fill in his time on his app, meaning he can fill it in every day while on the job site. He'll save his entries every day throughout the week so nothing is forgotten at the end of the week.

The only other time he'll need internet access (besides when originally downloading the app) is when he's ready to submit his time sheet.

He can submit it from anywhere that internet access is available - home, restaurants, your office, etc.

When it's time to start filling in next week's time sheet, it'll already be there on his phone/tablet waiting for him to use it.

He can use it again and again without ever having to download it again.

Remember that 30-day free trial w/ no payment information required?

With this free trial it's a win/win.

Click through on the time sheet app listed above that corresponds with your work week

Sign up for the free trial and play with the time sheet app; give it to a couple employees to play with.

Let everyone get a feel for it and I suspect that you just might end up going with the app and never dealing with paper time sheets again.

If you still prefer using handwritten paper time sheets that are physically submitted by the employee

Please click the Add to Cart button back at the top of this page for a paper time sheet that your employees can use to hand-write their time, and then physically submit to the office.