Here's an explanation of how your purchase works

Your purchase will be so quick and easy that it'll be done quicker than it takes to read the instructions! ;)

1. Add to your shopping cart all of the forms that you wish to purchase.
Click the ADD TO CART button to add each form to your cart that you need.

Please note that because these templates come with unlimited usage you need purchase only ONE copy of each form that you need.

If you accidentally purchase more than one copy of a form no worries, I personally review each and every order and I promptly credit back extra purchases. If I miss yours please let me know.

2. When you've got the forms you need, proceed to check-out where you'll finalize your purchase.
You may see a generic message indicating that there may be shipping and sales tax added to your order; please be assured that there are no shipping fees and no sales tax added to your order.

Although I don't currently charge sales tax I do still have to pay it. Because of that I need to have your shipping address because that's what the sales tax is based off of, your physical location.

3. I'm able to accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and ATM Cards that have a credit card logo.
When I originally started my website here it was under our construction company name "C and D Acoustics". From there I went to "Diane Dennis Enterprises". So sometimes the charge on the credit card statement would show up as "C and D Acoustics" or "Diane Dennis Enterprises" or "" (my main website).

In January I incorporated my business to be "Monk and DBug, LLC" (abbreviations of my kids nicknames - "Monkey" and "DoodleBug"). :)

So, the charge on your credit card statement should appear as "Monk and DBug, LLC" but there is still chance that it'll show up as "TheContractorsGroup" or possibly "Diane Dennis Enterprises".

They're all me but it depends on how the credit card company chooses to list the charge. They are all supposed to be set up to be "Monk and DBug, LLC" but I wouldn't be surprised if there's an occasional hiccup with them and they list it as "TheContractorsGroup" or "Diane Dennis Enterprises".

4. On your order confirmation page, look to the right of the screen where you'll see a list of the forms you purchased.
After you complete your purchase look to the right of your purchase confirmation page. Underneath each form listed there will be a download button or link. Click on those download button(s)/link(s) to download your form(s).

5. What happens if you miss the download buttons/links or if you accidentally close your browser window before downloading the forms, or anything that happens that keeps you from downloading your forms?
There are two very easy methods to get your forms should you not get them downloaded the first time.

A) Instantly upon completion of your purchase you'll receive an email confirmation and in that email will be link(s) to download your forms.
Please be sure to enter your email address correctly or the system won't be able to get that email to you that has your receipt and the links.
There will be a link in the email to click on to see your order. Click on that link and then when you get there it'll ask for your credit card number if you paid by credit card or your PayPal sign-in if you paid with your PayPal account.

Please note that you will NOT be charged again when entering that information. The Yahoo system asks for that information strictly to verify your order. Once it does verify your order then it'll give you download buttons/links to download your forms.

B) The other way is to send me a quick email letting me know your order number (if you know it) or the email address and/or name that the order was placed under.

I can then email the forms to you.

Please feel free to use whatever method you prefer. :)


I had the same experience as one of the testimonials on your web page, namely, I was trying to save the form I'd just bought and downloaded and my computer froze.

Thanks for being so friendly and responsive. You give Internet Commerce a good name. If I need anything further along these lines, you can bet I'll start with you.

Thanks again!

Mike Walsh (homeowner) -- Paris, Virginia

Well, I managed to download one of the forms I purchased but when I went back for the other one I couldn't get to the page. Not too bright on my part.

That's what I get for working on Christmas night, I guess... Can ya help me? I have new employees coming in the morning. Nothing like the last minute...
Her response after I emailed the forms to her that day, Christmas evening...
Thank you so much for your swift response! Your most efficient notification system had already hooked me up! People would have to be nuts not to use your great service.

Diane Santucci -- Tucci's Q American Bar-B-Que
Portland Oregon

6. Where does the downloaded form go to on my computer?
When you click on the download button, the forms/files will automatically download to wherever your browser is set up to download it to.

Unless you've changed that default download folder, typically it will be your desktop or a folder titled 'temp' or 'temporary' or 'my documents', etc.

Please move the zipped file from wherever it downloaded, to your computer desktop (if it's not already there) before attempting to unzip it.

If it's in your Documents folder it might not unzip properly.
As a side note - please do not put PDF documents in your Word folder or My Documents folder. Doing so can confuse Microsoft Word and the package will not open correctly.
If you can't locate the file(s) that you downloaded just send me a quick email and I'll email them to you.
Another side note - if you do know where the package downloaded but it won't unzip/open properly please do not purchase an "unzip" program. Email me instead and I'll email the already-unzipped forms to you.

7. Whenever you need to use the form(s), just navigate to the form where it is saved on your computer, open it and use your computer to fill it in and then print it.
Because the form downloads to and resides on your computer, you're able to use it forever, without having to pay for each usage. And you don't have to be online or have an internet connection when you're using them. :)

Please follow this link for instructions on how to use the forms

Please follow this link for information on my free replacements, free updates, and free support policies