Don't ya just love that guy? Unfortunately he's creating quite a mess here at my website...

Actually, it's my mess and I hope you'll bear with me...

I'm in the middle of a complete re-design and it hasn't been easy (or quick) to say the least.

The website is still fully functional and you can still purchase and instantly download all the forms you'd like (and all guarantees are still in place) but, as you move from page to page you'll notice that some of the pages will look different than some of the other pages.

The layout that worked so perfectly in the original store doesn't lay out so well with the new system. Some pages will have order buttons at the top while other pages will have order buttons at the bottom (and some pages will have "weirded out" text, like missing spaces between paragraphs, etc.) until I can get it all changed over.

Eventually I'm going to have images for all the forms, and printable previews (with the word "sample" on them) so that if you have to get someone's approval before purchasing, you'll be able to print the form to show it to that someone. :-)

If you need a printable preview that isn't available here yet or if you have any questions please email me and I'll get right back to you.

Thank you so much!