Information, Instructions, and Guarantee

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Really, if you don't read this first before looking at the TOC you might run screaming from my website (and possibly even from your computer) never to be seen again!

It looks horrendous but the TOC is super easy and super intuitive and it's a breeze to instantly get to the information you need.

However (there's always a 'but' isn't there?), to make it as thoroughly helpful as possible I had to really break it down into quite a few mini-sections.

Personally I absolutely cannot stand wading through a bunch of unneeded 'help' information just to find the one little bit of help that I do need.

So I did this so that you can quickly scan through this TOC and pretty much instantly locate the link that'll take you directly to the exact information that you're looking for while avoiding all the stuff you don't need.

Once you've used the TOC then you'll understand why it looks so overwhelming ... because the detailed TOC makes it all so darn easy to use.

If you aren't 100% satisfied with your form(s) please let me know and I'll immediately refund your purchase price in full.
If you need help with something I'm here for you 365 days a year! Where else in this industry can you find that level of service?

Table Of Contents - TOC (for this page)

** Please note that the second to last section in this TOC contains a lot of special tips and ideas for managing the forms. Please click here to go directly to that section.

System Requirements

How To Purchase, Download, And Save The Form(s)

How To Fill In The Various Versions Of The Forms And Print Them

The Benefits Of Purchasing Your Forms Here

Additional Information - Please Don't Skip By This

Information Specific To Each Individual Form

More coming as I write the pages :)

System Requirements

These forms work on both Windows and Macintosh computers.

  • PDF requires the *free* Adobe Reader - available for both Mac OS and Windows
  • DOC requires Microsoft Word - available for both Mac OS and Windows
  • XLS requires Microsoft Excel - available for both Mac OS and Windows

Purchasing, Downloading, And Saving The Forms

In less than 5 minutes you can have your forms downloaded, filled in, and printed.

  • Click the "Add to Cart" button for the forms you wish to purchase
  • Complete your one-page checkout
  • Click on the download link/button (on the right of your payment confirmation page) to download the forms to your computer
    I usually suggest downloading it to your computer desktop if your computer gives you an option.

    If it doesn't then you'll need to look in your browser preferences to see where it puts downloads.
  • Click the .zip downloaded package to 'unzip' the folder if it doesn't unzip by itself.
    If it won't unzip please do *not* purchase WinZip or any other such program. Let me know and instead I'll email the already-unzipped forms to you. :o)

  • Save the forms wherever you'd like to on your computer; I typically suggest saving them to the computer desktop.
Here are a few ideas (or if you already have a system then you can do it that way):
  • Create a file folder on your desktop to keep them in or keep them on the desktop without a folder if you prefer
  • Create a file folder elsewhere on your computer to hold them
  • Most definitely please *do* save a copy of it to a backup disk such as a removable hard drive, thumb drive, CD, cloud, however you'd like).

You can change the file names of the forms to be whatever you’d like them to be except *please be sure* to leave the .pdf or .xls or .doc (whichever it already is) at the end of the file name or your computer will not know how to open the document.

Using The Forms

The purchase pages all have the information about what version of the forms are included (e.g. PDF and WORD or PDF and EXCEL) but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me.

Below are instructions for each type of document.

PDF - You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to use the PDF forms and to see the previews

When using these forms you can fill them in, save them, change them and save them again, and again - however often you might need.

PDF documents are like boiler-plate documents (remember 'boiler-plate'?). ;)

testimonialYou can fill them in and save 'em, you can make changes and save 'em again, and so on using the free Reader - but the actual 'boiler-plate text' on the document cannot be changed unless you have the full Adobe Acrobat program.

While you can customize most of the PDF forms with your company info, when using the PDF version you won't be able to insert an image logo.

Please see the logo section of the additional information for more info about logos.
  • Position your curser over the first fill-in field, click and fill it in

  • TAB to the next field and the next field and so on until you've filled in the form

  • If there's a second page be sure to fill it in as needed
When you're done choose "Save As" and save your filled-in document under a different file name, maybe including the job name in the file name to help distinguish what it's for.

You can then print it, email it, and even fax it from your computer if you have a fax program.

An important note regarding the PDF documents: Occasionally it's happened that someone will fill in the form and email it to their customer but when their customer opens it on their phone/tablet the fields that were filled in are empty (they're not really, they just appear to be).

If that happens have your customer download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader app designed specifically for phones and tablets - then when they open the form your filled-in information will be there.

DOC - You'll need the Microsoft Word program (for Windows and Mac) to use the DOC forms - they do *not* work with Microsoft Works

Please note that I have been told that some people have had some (some) success when trying to use these forms in OpenOffice but they are designed for Word so I can't be sure how well they work in OpenOffice.
  • Open the .doc in your Word program

  • Position your curser over the first fill-in field, click and fill it in

  • TAB to the next field and the next field and so on until you've filled in the form - don't forget any additional pages

  • Choose "Save As" and save it under a different file name - maybe including the job name/number to help distinguish what it is without having to click it open to see
testimonial You can then print it, email it, fax it - however you'd like to deliver it to your customer :o) You can also go back to your filled-in form and change whatever might need to be changed *plus* if you unlock/unprotect the form (no password required) then you can make changes to the entire form if you wish.

If it gets knocked out of whack while unlocked please let me know and I'll send you another.

You can customize most of these forms with your company info *and* you can upload a logo. Please see the additional information section below for more info.

XLS - You'll need the Microsoft Excel program (for Windows and Mac) to use the XLS forms

While it's not a common occurrence it seems that occasionally a person's Excel program 'scrunches' the form so that it's no longer laid out correctly.

If your Excel program has difficulty displaying the form please let me know.
  • Open the .xls in your Excel program

  • Position your curser over the first fill-in field, click and fill it in

  • TAB to the next field and the next field and so on until you've filled in the form - don't forget any additional pages (look at the bottom of the document where the tabs are for the various pages if there are any)

  • Choose "Save As" and save it under a different file name - maybe including the job name/number to help distinguish what it is without having to click it open to see

Using the forms on smartphones and iPads/tablets

In order to use the PDF version of the forms on smartphones and iPads/tablets the Adobe app specifically must be installed on the device. It's free and it's just like the free Reader on your computer but it's for phones/iPads/tablets instead.

There has been on and off success with the Word and Excel versions of the various documents. It'll depend on what your phone/tablet requires in order to interact with the documents.

Please keep in mind though that if it ends up not working for you just let me know and I'll refund your purchase (or help you figure out how to make it work; it's your choice). :o)

Printing the forms

After you've filled in the form and hit print the entire form will print out on a blank 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper (one of the payroll forms has a bonus 8 1/2 x 14 version included).

You can email it and fax it from your computer to your customer and/or you can provide them with a hard copy (faxing from your computer requires having a fax program).

Should you need to change something that you've filled in on the form, go ahead and change it in your computer and then print it again (and/or email/fax it) - once again the entire form will print out on a blank 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper.

Your Benefits When Purchasing The Forms Here

  • You don't have to drive to the store and you don't have to spend anymore time looking online because with these forms you'll get an instant download of the form(s) upon completion of your purchase - no waiting for an email with them attached

  • A heftier bank account with more $$ in it to spend on other things because these forms come with unlimited usage and they can be used on an unlimited number of computers

  • Okay, we all hate computer crashes but we all also know that they do happen, and we usually lose quite a few things in those crashes - but you can go along without a care knowing that you'll get unlimited free replacements for an entire year no matter the reason

  • Comfort in knowing that your forms are correct because no matter how many changes to the law might happen in a year you'll get unlimited copies of legally updated forms for a full year (*please subscribe to my free newsletter for update notices)

  • Better sleep, no more tossing and turning … with unlimited free support *forever* - on anything construction not just the forms - you can sleep well tonight knowing that you can get an answer to your question(s) tomorrow! :o)

  • Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed - after you've downloaded and 'played' with the form if you decide it's not for you just let me know and I'll refund your money 100% - and there's no worries about sending anything back because it's a download.

Additional Information - Please Don't Skip By This

Here are a few items that don't really fit under the other headers but it's still *really important information* to know about the forms.

First and Foremost - PLEASE make a backup copy of your form(s)

I am always more than happy to replace forms but I'm not always immediately available due to health issues within my family.

So in case you might need a replacement sooner than I'm available (at most I typically take only 3 to 4 hours to respond when I'm not readily available) *please do make a backup*.

Your logo on the form(s)

If you're using the Word version of the form you can unprotect it (no password required), paste your logo in, re-protect the form, and then save it.

If you can't make it work please let me know if you'd like me to do it for you for a one time charge of $25.

If you're using the PDF version then I'll have to paste your logo in for you and send you a new copy (unless you have the full for-fee Adobe Acrobat program).

Saving a master for ongoing projects

Before you start actually using the form take a few minutes to enter any redundant information into the form (for example the business address) and then save it (your choice whether or not you rename the file). :)

Essentially that'll be your master document and every time you open it your company info will already be there (and any other redundant information that you entered).

If you have an ongoing project then you can enter all of the project information, customer information, contractor information, etc. and then save it as your master for that project.

If you accidentally save a filled-in form without choosing Save As

After you fill in the form and you're ready to save it, choose "Save As" and give it a different file name. This will keep your 'master copy' clean.

BUT… If you do accidentally save over the original form no worries, there's a super-simple fix for it.
  • Open the original that you accidentally saved with filled-in information

  • Go to 'Save As' and save it under whatever master file name you'd like it to be

  • Now TAB through the form and delete everything you filled in (except for the redundant information)

  • Now hit Save (not Save As) and you'll have your master copy back
Depending on how quick you are at tapping the TAB and DELETE keys to move through the form deleting the information, doing it this way might actually be quicker than locating your back up copy (and even quicker than an email between you and I to replace your form)! ;o)

Please keep in mind that I'm always happy to replace the forms, the above is there to help in case prefer to fix it that way and/or you need a replacement quicker than I can get one to you.

Unlimited Free Support

Ever bought software that worked great out of the box but then, after the warranty expired, the software tanked and when you contacted the company that you bought the software from they quoted you some ungodly price to resolve your question/problem? That's NOT how it works here!

When you purchase from me

Any time you might need help, whether you purchased the form today or umpteen years ago, no matter when you purchased the form you'll always get unlimited free support!


Now, I know that things don't always go the way they should when computers and the Internet are involved... It's those darn Internet Gremlins!

If the forms package doesn't unzip

Please do NOT purchase a program to 'unzip' your package if it won't unzip by itself. Let me know and I'll email the already-unzipped forms to you so that you don't have to worry about an 'unzip' program. :o)

I'll list other information here as it's requested; I want to make this page as helpful as possible to you. :o)

If you need information that isn't addressed above please do let me know so that I can help.

I want to assure you that if anything does go wrong at any time during the process I will get you taken care of… FAST!

Please contact me with any questions you might have and I'll get you back on track lickety-split. :o)