Nevada Notice of Right to Lien & Request for Notice of Completion

Nevada Notice of Right to Lien & Request for Notice of Completion
Nevada Notice of Right to Lien & Request for Notice of Completion
Item# NV-NRL

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Use this Nevada Notice of Right to Lien & Request for Notice of Completion to preserve your lien rights!

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What's Included in the Package

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As long as you've got Word for your computer, or your tablet/Ipad, or your phone then you can use the Word version of this Nevada Notice of Right to Lien & Request for Notice of Completion.

There's also a PDF version that's just as excellent and it works with the free Adobe Reader that's available for all computers, tablets/Ipads, and smartphones.

Fill it in before you print it. Change it if need be. Save it and come back to it. Print 100 copies (or more, or just 1). ;o)

Who has to process/serve this document?

The Nevada Notice of Right to Lien is needed by Subcontractors, Suppliers, and Service Providers, to protect their lien rights on construction projects.

The form is not required to be acknowledged, notarized, verified, sworn to, etc.

If an entity that is required to do the preliminary notice doesn't do it, then its lien rights may be lost as well as rights to stop payment notices, bonds, etc.

A prime contractor or other person who contracts directly with an owner or sells materials directly to an owner is not required to give notice.

Disciplinary proceedings for subcontractors!

In Nevada, the subcontractor is required by law to also serve a copy of the notice on the general contractor if he serves a notice on the owner.

The failure by a subcontractor to deliver the notice to the prime contractor is grounds for disciplinary proceedings against the subcontractor under chapter 624 of NRS.

Fortunately, it doesn't invalidate the notice to the owner but yikes.

What does the Nevada Notice of Right to Lien do for YOU?

As per NRS 108.245, by properly serving this notice you'll have a right to lien for materials or equipment furnished or for work or services performed in the *31 days before the date that you give the notice forward until the completion of the work of improvement.

*Translated that means you've got about 25 or so days to get the form processed and in the mail, once you've started the project, in order to protect your lien rights.

The Request for Notice of Completion

Per NRS 108.228, the owner is required to serve you with a copy of any and all notices of completion that he files *as long as you properly served the notice of right to lien*.

This notice serves to inform the owner of his responsibility. It's not your responsibility, at least not until the law changes, to educate the owner but it better assures that you'll receive that document in a timely manner.

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5 easy steps

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