Labor Release Form - English & Spanish

Labor Release Form - English & Spanish
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When to Use the Notice of Labor Lien Release Form

The Notice of Labor Lien Release form is used by construction contractors on construction projects where the client wants verification that wages have been paid.

Fill in the company info, project info, and names of the employees who worked on the project, have your employees read and sign it, and submit it to your client as proof your workers/employees have been paid. This form package allows you to list an unlimited number of employees, allowing even the largest employers to use these forms.

The employee's release verbiage is in English and Spanish. Please follow this link if you need a labor lien release form with release verbiage in English only.

What's Included

This Notice of Labor Lien Release forms package contains the following fillable documents:
  • 1) Notice of Labor Lien Release Form, English and Spanish-language release verbiage, works with Microsoft Word

  • 2) Notice of Labor Lien Release Addendum Form (allows you to list an unlimited number of employees), works with Microsoft Word

  • 3) Notice of Labor Lien Release Form, English and Spanish-language release verbiage, works with Adobe Acrobat free and paid versions

  • 4) Notice of Labor Lien Release Addendum Form (allows you to list an unlimited number of employees), works with Adobe Acrobat free and paid versions
The forms are very easy to use, as simple as tabbing from field to field and entering the appropriate information.


Please click here for a PDF PREVIEW of the labor release form. You can also click the image of the form at the top of this page.


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Use Microsoft Word to fill in the Word version and/or Adobe Acrobat (including the free Reader) to fill in the PDF version. After you enter the project name and location, owner info, your info, who youíre contracted with, and your employeeís names then youíll print the form(s) and have each of them read, sign, and date it.

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