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The #1 top question I get is "what computer system will these forms work on?".

These forms work on Windows and Macintosh computers no matter what operating system you are running. :)

There is a Word version of each form that works with Microsoft Word for Windows and for Mac and there's a PDF version that works with the free Adobe Reader for both Windows and Mac. The certified payroll forms come in Excel and PDF rather than Word and PDF.

All of the versions work terrifically. The PDF versions are so popular that sometimes even those with Microsoft Word and/or Excel on their computer still choose to use the PDF version. But it's entirely your choice. :) You can use the Word/Excel version, or the PDF version, or all of the versions! ;)

Questions about your purchase

Q. How do I get my form after I pay for it? I need it right now.

Q. I couldn't find the download buttons/links... What now?

Q. I can't find the form on my computer. Where is it?

Q. My computer gives me a message that the file can't be read.

Q. My form won't open or it shows 'gobbledy-gook'...

Q. How do I use my .pdf form(s) now that I have it?

Q. How do I use my .doc form(s) now that I have it?

Q. I lost the form I paid for. Do I have to pay for another copy of it?

Q. My computer gives me a message that the file/form has a virus.

Q. Every time I close the .pdf form the info I entered is erased. How do I save the info I've filled in to the .pdf form?

Q. How do I print just one page of a multi-page form?

Q. My download links are expired. Do I have to pay again?

Q. When I try to download again from Yahoo it asks for my credit card number. Why do I have to enter my credit card number?

Q. How do files that end in .exe or .sit work?

Q. Why am I getting a message that I have to purchase WinZip and do I have to?

Q. Why don't you have a phone number that I can contact you at?

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