Daily Hours Report

Daily Hours Report
Item# DHRT-001

Check it out! I've created this Daily Report form as an app that can be used on smart devices!

Your super doesn't have to carry around a clipboard any longer *and* he can submit this information to you from the jobsite or even the comfort of his own home.

And he doesn't have to have internet access to fill it in.

You gotta check it out - it's here.

Plus... the apps can be customized 100% to fit your EXACT needs. Let me know, I'll be happy to help!

If you'd like to download the Daily Report form to your computer rather than use the smart app above please use the Add to Cart button on this page.

You'll be able to use it as often as you need (same as with the app above) and it's easily replaced. But with the app above you don't have to worry about replacing lost forms; they don't get lost because they're in 'the cloud' - available to you no matter where you are.