California Mechanic's Lien Release Form

California Mechanic's Lien Release Form
Item# CMLR

Use this form, the California Mechanic's Lien Release form, when you've finally ;o) been paid on a project that you filed a mechanic's lien on.

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This California lien release form gets filed with the same county recorder's office that the original lien was filed/recorded with.

Do NOT submit this document to the recorder's office and don't give a copy to your customer (or anyone for that matter) until AFTER the payment you receive has cleared your customer's bank.

If a completed release form falls into the 'wrong hands' before you've actually been paid you could find yourself without payment and without a lien.

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IMPORTANT! Don't release for more than what you've been paid - use a partial release of lien form if you're being paid less than the full amount of your lien.

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