California Preliminary Lien Notice for Public Works Projects & Proof of Notice Declaration

California Preliminary Lien Notice - Public Works
California Preliminary Lien Notice - Public Works
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If you need the package that has both private works and public works forms included please click here for a terrific savings over purchasing the forms separately.

If you need the private works form rather than the public works form please click here.

If you need a preliminary notice form for a state other than California please click here.

This Preliminary Notice Form for Public Works Projects works with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems and it's used by Contractors and Suppliers and Service Providers throughout California.

Preview of the form

Here's a preview of the Preliminary Notice Form for Public Works projects.

And here's a preview of the Proof of Notice Declaration that is now required by California law.

I've included the Proof of Notice Declaration with the preliminary notice as a special bonus.

If the previews won't work please email me and I'll email them over to you.

Comes with a special free bonus!

As a special free bonus, included is an in-depth how-to article on preliminary notice forms, aptly titled "Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Preliminary Notices".

By the time you're done reading this quick yet detailed how-to article you'll be a pro with preliminary notices! :)

Just 5 easy steps to purchase, download, and get started with your Preliminary Notice Form

In 5 easy steps you can have your Public Works Preliminary Notice Form downloaded, filled in, printed and ready to go!

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It really is that easy! :) You'll be able to save the filled in forms under various file names and, because the forms reside on your computer, you don't have to be online to use 'em and you get free unlimited usage!

Upon completion of your purchase you'll be given a download button on your payment confirmation page. When you click on that button, a folder titled "preliminary-notice-for-public-works-projects-form-preview.pdf" will download to your computer.

What's Included in the downloaded Preliminary Notice Form Package

The zipped folder that downloads to your computer will unzip itself and present you with your new preliminary notice form for public works projects, the proof of notice declaration that is required, and the bonus in-depth "How to do Preliminary Notices" article.

Both PDF and Word versions of the forms are included, please feel free to use either or both.

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