WASHINGTON - F700-065-000 Certified Payroll Report

WASHINGTON - F700-065-000 Certified Payroll Report
Item# F700-065-000

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The F700-065-000 Certified Payroll Report form is used in the State of Washington

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Your instant download includes both Excel and PDF versions of this Washington state certified payroll form.

Quite the time saver!

Both versions will do your calculations for you! Just enter the numbers (hours worked, wage per hour, etc.) and it'll auto-populate the various sub-totals and totals; no adding, subtracting, multiplying, or calculator required - that means less keystrokes to boot!

In addition, redundant information gets entered only once - eg enter your employees' work classifications on the Payroll Report and it'll auto-populate to the Affirmation sheet.

Prints the entire form (along with what you filled in) on plain 8 1/2 x 11 paper; no more trying to feed a pre-printed form into your computer or typewriter, or to fill it in by hand!

Are you entering your certified payroll online?

If you're entering your certified payroll at the Washington state website, you'll find the form available here to be QUITE the little helper.

When filled in you've got all of the information corraled in one document, making it easy for anyone to sit and enter the information online - no shuffling through paychecks looking for the information!

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