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The forms aren't listed alphabetically but rather in the order that they might be used the first time around.

Your company receives unlimited usage of these instantly downloadable forms:
  • They can be used by any number of people in your organization

  • They can be used at home as well as in the office

  • They can be used on as many devices as you'd like
I strongly request and recommend that you make backup copy/copies of your documents before you use them.

That way if something happens with your computer and it loses the form(s) or anything else happens to the form(s) you'll have your 'master' form (your backup) to make a new copy from. :o)

I do replace forms at no charge but I may not be available as quickly as you need a new copy of the form and/or I may not be distributing that particular form any longer.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Labor Release Forms

All States

Labor Release Forms - English Language

Labor Release Forms - Spanish Language

Bundle - Includes the English and Spanish versions of the form

Employment Job Application Forms

All States

English Language - One Page

Spanish and English versions - Two documents, one English language and one Spanish language

English Language - Two Pages (More detail than the single page form)

Spanish and English versions - Two Pages (ditto on the 'detail')

Time Sheets / Time Cards

All States

For Reporting on a Weekly Basis

For Reporting on a Daily Basis

Daily Project Report

Certified Payroll Forms

So… Time For Another Week Of Certified Payroll… Ugh! ;o)

Filling in those awful forms week after week - it’s enough to make prevailing wage projects not worth the hassle!

There are links below to the various forms but I'd like to take a quick moment if you have the time to tell you about a program I know of that'll decrease the time you spend on these forms even more so than the forms I sell here.

The program not only creates and fills in the certified payroll forms (and many other forms) - it also contains all of the employment tax/withholding/etc. information.

All you have to do is tell the program one time what the employee's tax status is (e.g. S1 or M2, etc.) and the program will automatically calculate and fill in the taxes and withholding on the form based on that information.

It practically fills in by itself! ;o)

Next time you use the program *all* of that information will be stored in it so unless you need to change something in regard to something such as an employee's tax status once again the form is going to practically fill in by itself.

You'll be able to make any changes needed, such as an employee's tax status or address, easily and quickly so that you can get your form(s) done, gone, off your desk…

Because it saves your employees' information *you* don't have to enter it every.single.friggin'.time you use the form. ;o)

The program automatically fills it in for you.

I‘ve known the guys behind this program for almost as long as I’ve been running my 'service to construction contractors' business (almost 20 years)!

And I found out from them that they did the special programming needed to make sure that this certified payroll program works with the California DIR upload system. :o)

They've offered to give my readers and customers discounts, up to 40% off, on their various programs (but the purchaser MUST use the code TCG *at the time of purchase* in order to get the discount; it's too late after the purchase has been made.

Go ahead and check it out, a separate window will open and I'll be here waiting for you when you come back. ;o)

If you're looking for just a form that you can fill in with your computer and print, not a whole lot of bells and whistles ;o) but that definitely gets the job done in a very professional manner please check out the list of forms below. [Please note that the A-1-131 form below does *not* upload to the DIR system]

Government Certified Payroll Forms

All States - Federal

WH-347 & WH-348 United States Department of Labor (DOL) Payroll Form; includes the certification which is the WH-348

Statement Of Non-Performance on the project for those weeks when you don't do any work on the project


A-1-131 Public Works Payroll Form - California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) Public Works Payroll Form (including the certification document)

CAC 2 Training Fund Contributions Form - California Apprenticeship Council

CEM-2501 Fringe Benefit Statement - California Department of Transportation (DOT) Fringe Benefit Statement Form

CEM-2502 & CEM-2503 (plus instruction sheet) - California Department of Transportation Contractor Payroll Form & Statement of Compliance Form

DAS-140 Public Works Contract Award Information Form - Provide to the Apprentice Committee when you've been awarded a project (if you have employees) ;o)

DAS-142 Request for Dispatch of an Apprentice from the California Apprenticeship Council - used to request the dispatch of an apprentice

Fringe Benefit Statement - used by many governmental agencies and private businesses

New Jersey

New Jersey Payroll Certification for Public Works Projects Form - includes both pages


LLC-25 Pennsylvania Weekly Payroll Certification for Public Works Projects Form


Washington State F700-065-000 Certified Payroll Report
Remember, if you decide to purchase the program I mentioned above please be absolutely certain that the code TCG is in the discount box or you won't receive your special, exclusive discount.

Please note that this page is in no way an exhaustive list of the various forms and documents an employer may need

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