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Joint Check Agreements
Joint Check Agreements
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Hard copy joint check agreements in construction can be a cause of *huge* amounts of lost time due to the bumbling method needed in order to get everyone's signatures.

Please do not purchase the form here, or from anywhere else, until you've read below about how you can reduce your time spent on these forms down to mere minutes.

The Bumbling Old Method - It's a time-sucker

When I first started in construction ;o) the joint check agreements were great but they were difficult to manage.

The way it used to go down (due to advanced technology not being available at that time):
  • The subcontractor would sign the form

  • The subcontractor would then fax a copy of the form with their signature on it to their supplier - they'd also mail the original with their wet signature to the supplier

  • The supplier would sign their section on the faxed copy and fax it back to the subcontractor - when they received the hard copy in the mail they'd sign it and mail it back

  • The subcontractor would fax a copy of the document, signed by the subcontractor and supplier, to the general/direct contractor

  • The general contractor would then sign his section and fax it back to the subcontractor

  • The subcontractor would fax a copy of the fully signed document to the supplier

  • When the sub received the hard copy that the supplier mailed back the sub would then turn around and mail that document to the general contractor

  • The general contractor put the document in his files
That is a huge, *HUGE*, amount of time that the contractor loses on just that one document (and it had to be repeated for every single project).

The New Method - It's a 'no-brainer' when considering the time saved

With the advancements in technology, that 8-step process (with crazy amounts of time spent on each step) has been reduced to just *four* simple steps - no less than a 50% reduction in 'steps' with an even greater reduction in time spent.

Using these same joint check agreements through PDFfiller the subcontractor will sign the form and notify the supplier and general contractor, right there through the PDFfiller system, that the document is ready for their signatures.

They jump online and sign the document and everyone prints their own copy.

That's it, you're finished and ready for the next project!

Your contracting life is about to get a lot more interesting

By licensing out my construction forms for others to sell it'll free up my own time spent selling the forms so that I can then focus on the other aspects of your construction business - answering your questions, writing articles based on your needs, etc.

I've set up a separate page that explains why I'm licensing out my builders' documents and forms.

That page has a lot more information and it explains why I'm encouraging you to get your joint check agreements from my partners rather than purchasing here; you could spend time reading it or... you could save yourself that time (and money) by just going straight to the very same form at PDFfiller (and/or GoCanvas - another wonderful partner).

It won't take long for you to see why it's better than purchasing the form from here. I think I mentioned above that it's free to play with the form, fill it in, change it, etc.?

Nothing to lose (except overhead) and everything to gain (more profit!)...

Still prefer to purchase the the joint check agreements directly from me?

If you'd still prefer to purchase your forms directly from me that's totally not a problem as I'm still selling them here (only difference is you'll be back up to a minimum of 8 steps).

I've got the 'add to cart' button up above for you and you'll be able to download it instantly upon your purchase - which you can do at PDFfiller (and/or at GoCanvas - another wonderful partner).

But... please take a look at the form at their site before making that decision.

There's no charge to experiment with it. You can choose to alter it and/or simply fill it in, it's your choice.

Once again, same with GoCanvas. :o)

Once you see what you can do with my forms when obtaining them through one of my partners and you decide to go that route ;o) I'll still always be happy to help you with anything construction - that's the whole reason I'm doing this! :o)

I just want to make sure that you get every opportunity to make the best decision for your company and needs. Diane

Preview of the Builders Document Joint Check Agreement form

Here's a preview of the Joint Check Agreement form so that you can see a full size version of it.
It's the exact same as the form at PDFfiller - except that the preview here has a watermark whereas the one at PDFfiller doesn't and if you click through you can use it immediately.

And once again, same with GoCanvas...

Check 'em both out, they're two very different types of systems, one of which may be exactly what you're looking for (and free trials - that do *not* automatically re-up on you, give you a chance to decide which will be best for you and your company.
"This economy has really taken a toll on us. Our clients that have been excellent payers have grown to poor payers. This Joint Check Agreement form has helped us get paid. On top of that the purchase of the form was easy and affordable.

Our experience with TheContractorsGroup has impressed us in how efficient the service is and how much we've benefited so thank you for assisting our business."

With regards,
The Fab Shop, Inc.
North Highlands, CA

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Click here to check it out at PDFfiller or here to check it out at GoCanvas.

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