My name is Diane and I have been involved in the construction industry for 20 years now.

My (now-ex) husband and I ran a T-bar ceiling business in California (actually he would say it was his business because it was a sole-proprietor) ;) where he did the estimates and jobsite work and I ran the office and very occasionally did jobsite work.

I've worked from home since 1995 so that I could be available 24/7 for our son who has Autism and our daughter who is much higher on the Autism Spectrum.

I started my forms business in the year 2000 as well as providing information to guys/gals.

Because we were dragged thru the mud in every way you can imagine, and then some, I realized that what I learned in these awful situations would help other contractors.

I often have difficulty with phone service simply because my, now 21-year-old, son doesn't understand the boundaries sometimes and will jump in to talk to me while I'm on the phone.

So to get help to you quicker I do much better with email and Facebook.

Please believe that I will give you the utmost in customer service and support (my customers are often flabbergasted at how quickly I reply to their emails). :)

I've filled over 40,000 orders in 15 years and most of my business comes from contractors telling other contractors about how well I took care of them.

That's why I include my home address here at my website - I sure wouldn't want someone to have my home address if I didn't treat them right!

I have several websites to help you:

TheContractorsGroup.com Download-Construction-Forms.com InformedContractors.com Construction-Business-Forms.com (you're here now) :) Aspergers-and-PDD.com (in case you need info regarding the Autism spectrum)

Oh and by the way, my company name 'Monk and DBug, LLC' comes from my daughter's nickname 'Monkey' and my son's nickname 'DoodleBug' (For "TWD" fans, my son was DoodleBug way before Hershel sang it to Beth). ;)

Monk and DBug, LLC
Diane Marie Forster-Dennis
1640 SW Mulberry Place #C-201
Oak Harbor, WA 98277
866-480-7105 fax

Your purchase is absolutely 100% guaranteed

After you download it if you don't like it or it doesn't work for your needs, or any reason, please let me know and I'll immediately refund your purchase for you.

Free Updates and Replacements of Your Forms

For two years from your date of purchase you are entitled to free updates and replacements of your forms. Please do make a backup copy of them.

No Shipping Fee

Because you download your forms after you pay for them you don't have to worry about shipping or sales tax and for those states that require it, I'll pay the sales tax for you.