Get Paid! … The downloadable eBook that is quite arguably *the best book* about how to get paid!

eBook Download "Get Paid!"
eBook Download "Get Paid!"
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Stop Struggling With Slow/No-Payers

This ebook is GOLD!! Ironically, I was waiting on a $26,955.00 check to be released yesterday. I opened your book file at about 2pm and quickly browsed over it. At 4:30pm, I called our slow paying client and used language obtained from several areas of the book. Long story short, we ended the call on a very good note and the check is being deposited Friday! A big, big $26,000+ thank you to you and those who contributed!

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There's Nothing Like An Iron-Clad Defense & A Cold-Steel Offense To Make Sure You Get Paid!

Compiled by Steven A. LaVelle
Instant Download Upon Completion Of Purchase!

"Get Paid!" Is The Only Book Ever Compiled That Tells Contractors How To …

… Get paid the money they're owed from insurance companies, mortgage companies, homeowners, and others for every single project they do.

When you take a look at the lineup of authors, all top names in the industry, that have contributed to this compilation:
  • Ed Cross (The Restoration Lawyer)
  • Tim Miller
  • Tim Hull
  • Marty King
  • Harvey Cohen
  • Diane Dennis <-- (That's me!) ;o)
  • Pete Consigli
  • And so many more…
… it becomes very clear that this book - basically a home-study course on getting paid - is a must-have for all contractors.

Jim Thompson

In just one year he had the privilege of paying $2,000,000 in taxes! (Yes, 2 MILLION!)

And that was after he wrote off his yachts, jet skis, RVs and private plane - legitimately!

When a man (in this case Jim) tells you that he has found a huge niche market in which:

  • You get paid in a few days (instead of months)
  • Adjusters rarely (if ever) try to reduce your invoice
  • You can earn six figures on a single job and you can do it with equipment you already have…

He has our FULL attention!

Anthony Igra - Owner of "Contractors Debt Recovery", the company that has already recovered over $20 million for contractors

The adjuster makes false allegations of defective work against you or maybe the owner hits you with unsubstantiated back-charges against you, after you have finished the project?

Anthony shows us that there is only one thing you need to do to get your money - but you have to do it before they start telling lies about you.

George Hedley - author of, "Everything Contractors Know About Making A Profit!"

George says that contractors might find "…some judges or juries who might be soft-hearted, but they shouldn't count on that to win their case and get paid."

Instead George recommends one easy strategy that will put the balance of power in your hands (so that you'll win before the battle even begins.)

And George gave us a second chapter - "Get Paid Faster."

We think that pretty much says it all.

George also says: "Think liens are the best way to go? Not if you do them wrong - if you haven't covered your bases, you could lose big time."

Tim Cordle, who works as an expert witness for the insurance companies - *against* contractors

Tim has provided a dozen different ways you could lose in a court battle - but then he shows you how to "plug the holes," so you can put up an iron-clad defense and a cold-steel offense.

And every one of them is simple, simple, simple -- and extremely important.

Who better to help you to get paid than someone who actually works *against* contractors. Kind of like the TV show "It Takes A Thief", someone who works against contractors has incredible insight on how you can collect your hard earned money.

Tim is known as the insurance "shark" who eats contractors for breakfast. The insight that he's providing to you within this eBook will show you exactly how to protect yourself against guys like him.

This time Tim's on YOUR side!

Scott Wolfe Jr. an attorney with practices in several states

Scott wants you to know, "Why Customers Don't Pay And What To Do When It Happens."

I know that many have seen Scott's articles and posts and may even be 'linked' with him at LinkedIn. Scott is extremely knowledgeable and everything he writes contains information that is too valuable to pass up.

ServiceMaster franchisee Kent Riddle (Tennessee)

Kent tells how a simple change in strategy got the owner and the adjuster to agree to pay him every day.

Barb and Tim Jackson (Barb is an internationally recognized Contents Restoration Consultant)

They put your invoice "in review" or "push back?"

Barb and Tim give us two methods they use to get their clients out of these issues and get their money. Other 'contents trainers' don't teach these tips -- but they will now once they learn how from Barb and Tim's chapter.

Peter Crosa - Peter J. Crosa & Co. - An Independent Adjuster and Private Investigation Firm

Peter tells us what to do when the adjuster:
  • Says "We do not allow more than three days drying time on any claim; that's our company policy."
  • Says "This is what I'm paying", and then walks away.
  • Won't return your calls.

Ed Cross - "The Restoration Lawyer," and his attorney associate, Julie B. Isen Esq.

Ed and Julie share with you ways of, "Making Mortgage Companies Work With You (And Beating the Money Out of Them if They Don't)"

Jim Thompson - A large loss consultant and expert witness who routinely wins money for contractors (often before they even enter a courtroom)

Jim tells us how to get paid well and within days (not months or years) as well as how to deal with adjusters - with virtually no resistance at all.


There Has Never Before Been Help Of This Caliber When It Comes To Contractors Getting Paid!

* Whose fault is it when a company refuses to pay you for the work you've completed…

* What can you do when a mortgage company gives your money to the homeowner and washes its hands of any responsibility…

* How can you fight false accusations from a homeowner whose looking to save a few bucks…
Those questions and more made it clear that we needed to do something to help contractors get paid - we just weren't sure what.

We decided to put together a book for contractors that would show them tested (and passed) techniques to avoid being ripped off.

When we started on our quest we were quite delighted when…

The Restoration Industry Jumped On Board Immediately!

The RIA (Restoration Industry Association) opened their vaults and let us go in to get the writings of some of the finest "Get Paid" minds in the industry.

Next several superstar restoration contractors gave us their best secrets on how they themselves get paid.
(Although a few chapters are directed toward restoration contractors it's a solid investment for contractors of all trades who want to "Get Paid" - keep reading to learn more). :o)

We then had the opportunity to interview several lawyers and get their input regarding collections - they really provided some great material!

Have you heard about lawyers who use the law to make the insurance companies pay their fees even though they are working for you?

If you're in the West ask Ed Cross "The Restoration Lawyer."

If you're in the East ask Harvey Cohen - he's the lawyer who clobbered the insurance companies when they tried to take away the power of the lien in Florida.

Harvey once compiled an exclusive list that he gave to the RIA - a list of top lawyers in all 50 states. He *gave that list to us* to include within this book - at no extra charge.

Check out the bonus section of "Get Paid" for that valuable list.

We talked to one lawyer who said that if his client had been cheated by an insurance company for even just $39 he would take the case


Because it's an easy win and he knows that the other guys are going to have to pay his fees.

After the lawyers came on board with us, things got really interesting…

We then reached outside of the restoration field to other contractors and…

Subcontractors wrote articles for us telling us how they get paid (no double-talk - just "how they do it") as well as large-loss contractors and how they make such good money (without fighting adjusters) -- and still so much more!

Did you hear the one about the subcontractor who was threatened by a nationwide insurance company?

They told everybody he was the crook!

So he sued them and walked away with $14.5 million of their money!

The joke was on them!

We talked to a contractor this week who had recently shown the insurance company whose *really* in charge

He had been told by the insurance company that they would not pay his $4000.

He called Harvey Cohen and waited as happily as if the money was already in the bank.

Why? Because Harvey's firm never loses a case for him.

Another contractor called one of our authors (who is not an attorney) because…

… an adjuster refused to pay him $3000 in drying fees that had saved $10,000 in cabinets.

No big! He was given one specific sentence to say to the homeowner's agent which he did and minutes later the adjuster called to say that--by golly--he was going to pay the full amount after all.

There was no court, no "going legal", no arguments, etc. … just the contractor happily collecting his payment - *full* payment that is.


Industry Legend Cliff Slotnik's confidence in this book is so high that he volunteered to write the foreword!

"Over the course of my 35+ year tenure in the disaster repair business, I kept a running tab of money lost. I'm sorry to admit that I lost millions of dollars, the majority of which was the result of earned monies uncollected...

Sadly on an annual basis good contractors are still being cheated out of millions of dollars owed to them by innumerable unscrupulous insurance adjusters, property owners, and their attorneys…

I wish that this book was available when I entered the industry; this book helps shift the balance of power to favor [insurance repair] contractors and is required reading for everyone entering the field." ~ Cliff Z.

This book is too important to pass up. I have never seen anything like it. That is why I offer a free consulting session in the bonus section. Some people are saying that the bonuses alone are worth more than you would invest in the whole book! ~ Barb Jackson CR


Over 40 chapters in all packed with over 100 tactics, strategies, and insider secrets to help get you paid!

To see the Table of Contents Please Click Here!

Download your book instantly upon completion of your purchase. It'll be in PDF and you'll be able to print any and/or all parts of it.

Our Risk Free Guarantee

We believe this is the finest collection of "Get Paid," articles in the world.

Use the tips and tricks and information to get paid on your projects.

If you are not fully satisfied for any reason, just contact us within 30 days for a full refund of your entire purchase price.

And we won't even ask you to send the book back or delete it!

Check out this plethora of bonuses!

Scott Wolfe Jr.'s "Contractor's Collections Toolkit"

This toolkit sold for $139 - but it's included in this PDF book absolutely free!


"The Business Coach" Ron Robert's "The 10 Biggest Mistakes Contractors Make"

A Special Report That Shows Contractors How to Stay In Business (and create financial freedom!)


Free Collection Strategies booklet - from Dennis Venizia

Owner of a real collection agency with a proven track record of success!


George Hedley - The Hardhat BIZCOACH

Special Report - "10 Things Top Contractors Must Do To Grow & Profit!"


Forms From Two Attorneys

Free "Protect Your Company" forms from 2 different attorneys

And a whole lot more!

Although this book is normally $197 for everything described here … with my special author's discount you get it for even less, just $175 - and I'll pay your sales tax for you!

Attorneys charge more than that for just one hour of their time!

5 of our authors *ARE* attorneys See what sure-fire tips they offer BEFORE (and instead of) spending money hiring one of your own!

100+ Sure-Fire, Time-Tested Techniques from 30+ Of The Most Trusted Names In Contracting - Use These Guys' Techniques To Get Paid!


If you don't agree that it will save you or make for you multiple times the investment, you get your money back!

P.S. Remember! Instantly upon completion of your purchase you'll be able to download your new PDF book and Get Paid!

P.P.S. Remember! A massive amount of free bonuses PLUS free consultations with four of the authors and more!

P.P.S. Remember that you have NO RISK. If you're unhappy for any reason let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your purchase 100%!

P.P.P.S. Don't Lose Another Minute OR Another Payment -- Click Here To Order Now and get the special Author's Discounted price - everyone else pays $197 but with my author's discount for you it's reduced to $175!

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