Thanks. Your forms are incredible! Just what I was looking for.

Although we have been in business for almost 40 years, these were done by hand until 10 to 15 years ago +-.

Then we bought a software package named Lien-Writer and have used it since.

But there has been too much burdensome features we never used, needed, complicated, and costly (renew each year).

These are perfect and I will refer you.

I was referred by Capitol Steel, a very good vendor and customer who bought them from you.

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This is the best money I've spent. You can quote me as a satisfied customer.

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Before I came to your site all I knew what that I needed these forms - now I know WHY I need them.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful info!

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Hi Diane ~

Wow! I'm so impressed with your customer service! It's outstanding. Thank you for your knowledge and for being so helpful!!


I Sincerely Thank You,

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Well, the lien worked and now we need a Release of Mechanic's Lien. You made it easy and fast and well worth the price!

With much appreciation,

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A-1-131 California Department of Industrial Relations Public Works Payroll Reporting Form

A-1-131 Payroll Form

Item # A-1-131

Product Description:
Please note that this form does NOT currently work with the new DIR platform. It's almost ready though (I'm told only a couple days from now) and because of how I'm handling this you'll actually be able to use the new A-1-131 form for 30 days for free!

Please email me and I'll let you know as soon as they're ready.

Please do not purchase this form at this time unless you are wanting to use it for internal purposes only. ------------------------------------------------

Please click A-1-131 Department of Industrial Relations Construction Certified Payroll Report Form (and the Certification form) if you'd like to see (and even print if you'd like) a full-size sample of the form.

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  • A form that works on both Windows and Mac - That's right, whether you're using Windows or Macintosh, these forms will work for you.

  • FREE bonuses - You'll get the Certification form for free, and a copy of the A-1-131 in an 8 1/2 x 14 size and a copy of the A-1-131 form with the certification on the front (for some reason, some government entities require that the payroll and the certification be on the same side of the page; having the payroll on the front and the certification on the back isn't acceptable to them. Oh well, go figure... At least you'll be prepared if you come across someone that requires it this way because I've included it in this package as a free bonus) and an article that is an absolute must read.

In 5 easy steps you'll have a beautiful A-1-131 certified payroll report form that you can fill in and dazzle your customer with!

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It really is that easy!

When your purchase is complete there'll be a download button on your confirmation page. Click on that download button and the A-1-131 DIR Certified Payroll form package ( will download to your computer.

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  • A document titled A-1-131 INSTRUCTIONS.pdf - (Read this second)

  • A document titled FAQs that contains Frequently Asked Questions about this form, along with the answers

  • FREE BONUS #5 - The payroll form and certification all on the same side of the paper, (8 1/2 x 11) in EXCEL format (works with EXCEL for Windows and Mac)

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When you print the preview, a watermark consisting of the word "SAMPLE" appears horizontally on the front of the form and vertically on the back of the form but the purchased form does not have a watermark.

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A-1-131 DIR Certified Payroll Report Form

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A-1-131 Payroll Form