Time Sheet / Time Card #1

Time Sheet / Time Card #1

Before you purchase the time sheets please keep reading for a better offer on this very same time sheet

I've formed a relationship with a company that will enable you to use my forms but you'll be using them as apps on your phones/tablets, and it'll cost you less than it does through me.

The time card you see above could be submitted to you by your employee in one of two ways (electronically and by hand):

Now the one on the right is of course (or hopefully) a little overdone but who knows, maybe some of you *do* receive time sheets handed in that look as bad as the one on the right...

The image on the left is what that same time sheet will look like when using it through the app I mentioned above.

Please click here to read more about it before making a decision to purchase straight from me.

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Still set on using a paper time sheet?

The above is a paper time sheet / time card that your employee must fill in by hand and physically submit to the office.

If you prefer to have paper time sheets then please click the Add to Cart button above. You'll get a PDF time sheet, that you can print as many times as you need as often as you need, to provide to your employees. (This is the same as with the app mentioned above)

Or click here to read more about this excellent app system - and if you scroll down a bit while on that page you'll find links that you can click on to check out the seven time sheet *app* versions.

They're all exactly the same except each one is for a different pay period - no matter what day your pay period starts on there's an app for you.

Preview of the weekly time sheet (it's the same whether purchasing the paper version above or purchasing it as an app instead).

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