Diane, Thanks sooooo much for your needed help. This is the second time you have saved me. Your website and instructions on forms are great! Keep up the good work.

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In A Hurry? I Totally Get That!

So let's get down to brass tacks:

Information, Instructions, and Guarantee

I'm working at adding this button

to each page to make it easy to get to the information page in case you're looking for a quick answer before completing your purchase (not many pages have it right now, so please feel free to use the one above).

Or, to access the instructions page from all pages at the website just click the button, at the top of the navigation column on the left, that says Instructions. :o)

Preview Button

I'm working at adding buttons (such as the one below) to all of the pages

to each page to make previewing the forms easier.

Currently most of the pages have text links to the previews still - rather than having the preview button.

Preview and purchase the forms

Each page has a preview link to the form featured on that page.

Click the links in the navigation column on the left to see the forms and/or previews.

Watermark on the previews

Only the previews have watermarks, the actual usable forms do not.


Please feel free to contact me any time you have any questions.

About Me

Well, first of all, I'm a "smart-alek" and I often don't keep my mouth shut (even when it's clearly very much in my best interest to do so) although as I remember that 'trait' served me well when I was a sub dealing with *mean* DC's!

Here's much more info if you'd like to learn about me and how I went from knowing absolutely nothing about construction (or websites for that matter) to managing, by myself, a construction business and then becoming a major online go-to source for contractors since 1999.

But I know you're probably in a hurry so my feelings won't be hurt if you skip reading about me. But there is a cute picture of my kids there. ;o)

I've helped thousands of contractors. If you need it I'd love to help you too. :o)

Thank you!

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