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I am truly dedicated to helping construction contractors deal with the non-installation side of the business (which is often the tougher side of the business)!

testimonial from Hernandez Reliable Lathing

I lost $98,000 on a public works project and I built this website because of it!

I wore the contractor's boots and hardhat (and that was just in the office!) ;o) - I know that it's *really* not fun sometimes.

I didn't have the help I needed when I needed it and I ended up experiencing some of the worst scrapes cuts that contractors can suffer (not the least being a loss of $98,000 to a general contractor known as a "sub-buster").

It was devastating to our business and we ultimately ended up losing our home because of it but that's what ultimately pushed me to start building websites with information for contractors.

While I was struggling through that horror with the general contractor I found out that …

The utter lack of even 'decent' after/off-hours service and support for contractors was ridiculous

There's definitely a higher number of websites out there than when I started in 1999 and they have information and forms and they want your money, but what happens after you pay them and download your form and you need help?

Well, if it were myself that you purchased from I'd be there for you no matter what day of the year it is and no matter if it's 'after-hours'.

Will they give you that level of service? I'm sure the answer is a big fat "NO"! ;o)

And then there's the frightening fact that …

Some websites even have 'construction forms' that are 'free'

But free construction forms are dangerous to use and could cost you a whole lot more than your company (so much for free!).

When you think about it, how much time would someone spend on a document to ensure it's accurate when they're posting it for free usage by all?

And those free forms are generic to every state.

How many states have the same rules that would allow contractors to operate off of a generic contract?

It's an absolute fact that many states do NOT have the same rules regarding documentation!

So how do you know if it's good for your state or not?

You don't because…

When they're giving the forms away for free they must be spending time doing something else to earn an income

How does the time spent working a job elsewhere leave any extra time for all the research needed to make sure the forms are accurate?

My income *is* from my website - selling accurate forms and providing help and support 365 days/year.

That means I have the time to put in the effort to research and make sure I don't pass on inaccurate information.

I even have attorneys that I consult with (and some consult with me!) when I have questions regarding the forms and the law that governs them, and/or questions about construction issues in general.

One of 'em (I know I'm not supposed to have favorites but still he's my favorite) and I often have very lively email discussions about the meaning of the law for a particular form.

Those discussions ensure that you'll get the best construction business forms and documents from me along with in-depth instructions and then as I said …

You can come to me for help - 'after-hours' doesn't exist when it comes to getting you what you need

When you:
  • Need an answer to a question that's keeping you up at night, or

  • Can't locate a document that you need, or

  • You need a form replaced, etc.
I'm here!

It's extremely difficult for contractors to get help when they're …

Swinging hammers by day & wielding pens by night

For many years it was "good luck finding after-hours help, or help during the holidays, or even help on the weekends".

But when you're in the field all day and not in your office until that night - the *only* time available sometimes to take care of office work - 'after-hours' is often the only opportunity you've got available to get answers.

I will (and have done so) be here for you with service and support 365 days a year (homeowners too since you've happened onto my site). ;o)

About Me

Well, first of all, I'm a "smart-alek" and I often don't keep my mouth shut (even when it's clearly very much in my best interest to do so) … although as I remember that 'trait' served me well when I was a sub dealing with *mean* DC's!

Here's much more info if you'd like to learn about me and how I went from knowing absolutely nothing about construction (or websites for that matter) to managing, by myself, a construction business and then becoming a major online go-to source for contractors since 1999.

But I know you're probably in a hurry so my feelings won't be hurt if you skip reading about me. But there is a cute picture of my kids there. ;o)

I've helped thousands of contractors. If you need it I'd love to help you too. :o)

Thank you!

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