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Reasons to shop from us

Please excuse my mess, I'm still working on my website punch list. ;) All the forms are still available for purchase, it's just that some pages will look different than other pages (including the checkout pages).

These Forms Will Put Your Day Back On Track In A Heartbeat

(okay, maybe a few heartbeats)… ;o)

Which means you might get home a bit quicker or if working at home then away from your computer and enjoying the evening!
I know, "contractors" and "enjoy the evening" or "take the weekend off" or "get a bit more time on your ATV/Boat/RV" or "dangle your feet for a little longer in the pool" don't typically fit into the same sentence … until now that is!
In less than 5 minutes you can have your construction forms downloaded, filled in and printed!

Ta-da! More time available to get out of the office, off of the jobsite, and do what you enjoy!

Please note that I don't have any construction legal contracts because every state is so specific in what they require.
If you'd like, let me know what state you're in and I'll see if I have an attorney there or know someone who knows a good attorney so that you can look into getting your contract drawn up in such a manner that it protects *you* and *your* company.
Are you down to the wire and need to:

  • Get that proposal form filled out and turned in for your bid
  • Present an invoice because you need payment now
  • Submit the certified payroll form that your client is insisting you have turned in within the hour
  • Find an employment application (English and Spanish) because you've got someone coming in?
  • And so many other last minute things that we contractors always seem to be having to do…

Well, you're in the right place!

Now You're On Your Way To A "Yikes-Free" Day!

These forms have been used on many construction projects throughout the US (and even outside the US) and I used many of them in my own contracting business.

Unlike those "fat cats" that sell to you without really knowing what it is that you need - because they weren't ever contractors and didn't use the forms themselves - I know what works and that's what I'm offering you and that's what puts your day back on track!

Imagine… No more yikes moments! ;) Now you'll be ready for whatever comes your way!

Additional Help For My Contractors

Knowing that forms are just one of many things that contractors need help with please feel free to ask me anything (construction related) ;) and chances are if I don't have the answer I'll know someone who does! I'm here to help so please do not hesitate to ask.