Emails answered 365 days per year!
Where else can you get that type
of support in this industry?


I answer emails 365 days a year - yup including holidays ;o) - and I try to do so within 2-24 hours.

On any given day that you email me chances are I'll have an answer to you within 2 - 6 hours.
  • Email me on a holiday and if I don't have an answer for you that day I'll probably have an answer to you by no later than the day after

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  • Email me at 2 in the morning and I'll probably have an answer to you later that day
If you can find another company that offers that kind of support in a similar industry please let me know.

I am a huge advocate for top-of-the-line excellent customer service and something that goes along with that is getting the CORRECT answer to you - the first time around!

Because I am my one and only gopher I am the only person (er… gopher) ;o) to answer emails. The benefit there is that you're receiving correct information as opposed to an incorrect answer from overseas.

The trade-off though is that I don't have time for phone service.

I sometimes may get 40 - 50 emails a day. Convert that into 20 - 30 minute phone calls and it easily turns in to way more hours than I have available in a day (and that's with doing nothing else).

Then add in the time to answer emails as well as to create new forms and products and it becomes painfully clear that not only is phone support out but so are my lunch breaks! ;o)

As mentioned though I am *very* much dedicated to taking care of my customers - hence the quick turn-around on the emails.

… and with an email you'll have the instructions right there in front of you to refer to, instead of having to remember a phone conversation.

Although the forms aren't really technical in nature some of them can still be intimidating, for want of a better word, the first time around.

They are actually quite easy to use though.

If you need a jump start on using them please let me know so that I can get you up and running. All it'll take is that one time and believe me when I say that you'll instantly feel like you've been using the form(s) for years.

Every single one of my customers is important to me (and many end up being my friends!) so please know that whether you spend $20 or $200 with me you will always receive the best support you've ever had - including detailed thought-out emails that respond directly to your needs…

And as mentioned I provide this support 365 days a year!

Thank you!!
PS: This doesn't mean that I'll *never* chat via the phone but my availability by phone is extremely spotty to say the least… While I can't guarantee that I can phone you, if you want me to call you please put your complete question in the email, not just your phone number, and I'll do my best to call you (but again no guarantees - and I'm really sorry for that, there are also health issues involved that get in the way).
PPS: Please note that I'm in the west coast timezone. :o)