WH-347 & WH-348 United States Department of Labor Contractor Certified Payroll Reports

WH-347/348 Federal Payroll Form
WH-347/348 Federal Payroll Form
Item# WH-347-WH-348
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The WH-347 Payroll Report form and the (WH-348) Statement of Compliance forms are used on Federal projects by contractors, subcontractors, sub-subs/etc., suppliers, and so on, for any federal project across the country.

It's the most current version of the form; it expires in 2018.

Did you know that the law does *NOT* require you to use the WH-347/348 form Contractor Certified Payroll Reports?

The following information is from the USDOL (United States Department of Labor) website.

Please read it before purchasing (or even using) a WH-347 / WH-348 form.
"While completion of Form WH-347 is optional, it is mandatory ... to respond to the information collection contained in 29 C.F.R. § 3.3, 5.5(a).

The Copeland Act (40 U.S.C. § 3145) requires contractors and subcontractors performing work on Federally financed or assisted construction contracts to "furnish weekly a statement with respect to the wages paid each employee during the preceding week."

U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Regulations at 29 C.F.R. § 5.5(a)(3)(ii) require contractors to submit weekly a copy of all payrolls to the Federal agency contracting for or financing the construction project, accompanied by a signed "Statement of Compliance" indicating that the payrolls are correct and complete and that each laborer or mechanic has been paid not less than the proper Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rate for the work performed."
There it is ... ... completion of Form WH-347 is optional! ...

There's no mention of the WH-348 in the text

Did you notice that they don't make mention of the WH-348 but they do reference the "Statement of Compliance"?

That's because the "Statement of Compliance" wasn't ever assigned a form number (not WH-348 or any other number); it was always referred to as the "Statement of Compliance", same as it's written in the DOL reference above.

Provided the article I read many years ago was accurate, someone somewhere along the way arbitrarily added the WH-348.

Maybe that person thought that the form number was missing and they assumed that WH-348 was the correct number?

However it actually came about I don't know for fact but that's always been my understanding as to how it eventually came to be known as the WH-348 Statement of Compliance.

I don't know if the DOL has jumped on board and officially given the form the number WH-348 but I know that at their website, currently there's much more mention of "Statement of Compliance" than there is of WH-348.

Good luck getting the 'higher-ups' to believe you about not being required to use the WH-347

You *are* required to report the information but you could submit a simple list, literally, of all of the information - a line by line list and you would be in compliance with the reporting requirements of the feds without using the WH-347 federal payroll form to do that reporting.

Unfortunately, getting the 'higher-ups' on the project to accept that might not be so easy.

You can always copy the information from the DOL website to show it to those 'higher-ups' (and/or provide them with this webpage address, www.construction-business-forms.com/wh-347-348.html so that they can come here and click on the link to check it out themselves).

But what a hassle to do all that...

Although it's not required to use the WH-347/348 forms it is no doubt much easier to do so than it would be to try to educate everyone higher up in the line, including the federal employees, about what the actual law is.

Below are copies of the WH-347 and WH-348 forms that *I* created for contractors many years ago, and have kept updated through the years as required.

They're much like what's available at the DOL website but I made some improvements on the forms many years ago...

And now that you know the law you know that as long as the form contains all of the information that you're required to report then it's completely acceptable.

A) The DOL's forms have a few problems with them

At one time the forms obtainable from there weren't fillable. Now they are but many of the fillable fields that they created are not long/large enough for the text that has to be entered in them.

Your text will 'scroll' meaning only a portion of your text will be visible (there's a little plus sign that when clicked will show your 'scrolled' text).

But when it's printed there's no way to see the text that 'scrolled' because it can only be seen by clicking the plus sign on the computer.

Good luck getting the government to fix it for you; shoot, good luck even finding someone who has a clue how to...

B) I've made a few alterations and additions to the form to make it easier, than the DOL's version, to use and read

The changes are minor but they make a big difference for the user when filling it in.

In addition I've included complete instructions on how to fill it in.

Please note that the additions/changes I've made to the form do not make it invalid because all of the information you're required to supply is still there on the form.

C) The DOL doesn't have the WH-347 available in an Excel format (or the WH-348 for that matter)

You can get the Excel format (as well as PDF) here and they do calculations for you (as does the PDF), even a couple more than the form available there does.

With the Excel version you can use your Excel skills to code and do whatever you'd like to integrate the form into your system (it's not password protected).
This form contains everything needed, is easier to use, and it's been being used regularly across the country on numerous federal projects for roughly twenty years now.

Preview of the US Department of Labor WH-347 form available here

Please click the image of the WH-347 form to see a larger size of the form.

It also lays out and explains the exact changes I made to the form.

Click your back button when you're done looking at it to come back here.

Preview of the US Department of Labor (WH-348) Statement of Compliance form available here

Please click the image of the WH-348 form to see a larger size of the form.

What's included in this package of WH-347/348 forms

In addition to the forms themselves (Excel and PDF versions) there are also a few other documents.

The list of documents included in the package:
  • WH-347/348 form in Excel format

  • WH-347/348 form in PDF (works just as well as the Excel format)

  • A list of instructions and contents of the downloaded package

  • A document titled "Instructions from DOL" - this is a step-by-step instructional document about what goes in to each field - obtained directly from the US Department of Labor
And *two* free bonuses:
  • First free bonus: An exclusive mini e-booklet (yep - mini e-booklet) ;o) written by yours truly that shows you how to easily customize this WH-347/348 to your company's needs - as well as customize it to every single project you do … this will reduce *even further* the amount of time you'll spend on these forms

    • Second free bonus: A filled-in sample of the form - I typically see samples being sold for $5 or more - I'm giving this filled in sample to you for free
… and everything works with both Mac and Windows computers.


Both forms will perform some basic calculations, reducing a bit of your keystroking. ;o)

The total hours, the gross wages, and the final net check amount will all automatically calculate and 'appear' in the appropriate box.

There's even a field for fringes as well other fields that provide room for extra deductions.

Tips and tricks

I've included within the downloadable package some tips and tricks. Hopefully you'll find some use from them. :o)

I love having this form electronically. It's made my world, working for the government, much easier!

Best, Tom Newell - Newell Property Services, Inc.

One tip in particular is very helpful

It includes in-depth help on how to easily keep track of your certified payroll on multi-week jobs *and* how to have your payroll report done each week in half the time on those multi-week jobs.

Thank you, I LOVE this form. Your products are incredibly reasonable and I couldn't find a lower price........ I will always come to your website for all of my online form needs. I enjoy the ease of the "Certified Payroll Form" and it has saved me time and effort. Thanks Again!

Janet Antonacci - United Fence Contractors, Inc. St. Louis, MO

There aren't a lot of good guys left it seems but I am one of them (actually a 'good gal') ;o) and I promise to do right by you.

Thank you!
P.S. After your purchase is complete click the download button on the right side of your payment confirmation page and the package will download to your computer.

It should unzip automatically; if it doesn't please click on it to see if that'll do it.

If the package won't unzip or if it gives you an error message please do *not* purchase an unzip program.

Please email me instead and I'll email the already-unzipped documents to you. :o)

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