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Use these California state contractor's license practice exams and before you know it you'll be on your way to your new contractor's license!

"I just wanted to send you a note telling you that your practice exams for the Law and Business were right on!!!! I passed the test with ease!"

Kevin Deitch
Capitol Blind and Drapery Company, Inc.

"Thanks so much! After my husband took his test 5 times he started using your practice exams. He practiced with them all weekend and then took his exam for the 6th time yesterday and he passed! Spanish is his first language so the test was even more difficult for him. The study tests did the trick! He had already passed his trade exam so he will soon be an official Landscaper!!"

Sonja E.
"I passed the Law and Business exam studying from your practice exam I purchased thank you."

Ron M.
Visual Innovations Group International Inc.

Instant download, unlimited usage, free replacements, and updates of your California state contractor's license practice exam(s)

Instantly upon completion of your purchase you'll be able to download the practice exam(s) to your computer and get started practicing immediately if you'd like. Because it resides on your computer you'll have unlimited usage.

You'll get one year of unlimited free updates whenever the law requires changes/updates to your practice exam(s) and one year of unlimited free replacements for any reason (computer loses it, or a new computer, or whatever the reason might be).

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

After you purchase the practice exam(s) and download it and check it out if you're at all unhappy with it let me know and I'll refund your purchase.

There's an additional guarantee in regards to passing the actual state exam. Use the practice exam until you are repeatedly scoring 95% or better and print out your results. Then take your state exam. If you do not pass the state exam show me the results from your practice exam and your state exam (it's easy, just email or fax them to me) :) and I will refund your purchase 100% - or if you prefer you can keep the practice exam and continue practicing with it.

How to get your practice exam(s)

You'll click the "Add to Cart" button and immediately following the completion of your purchase you'll "land" on your payment confirmation page which will have a download link/button. Click on that download link/button and the practice exam will instantly download to your computer, unzip itself, and give you a set-up icon.

Click on that set-up icon, follow the quick instructions presented to get your practice exam set up and you'll be able to start practicing immediately. Before you know it you'll be ready to pass your state exam!

Operating systems required

These California state contractor's license practice exams work on ALL PC operating systems, including those operating systems that aren't titled Windows (such as Vista).

Unfortunately these practice exams do not work on Mac and the publisher/creator has no plans to make them work on Mac.

Mac users I'm so sorry. Please don't go away, please click here for an explanation. It's actually kind of interesting as to why so many programs don't work on Macintosh computers. Also please note that ALL of the forms available here work with Macs, as well as all other operating systems. :) Again I do have more information about Macs below.

----- I'm sorry but due to unforeseen circumstances I no longer have the California License Practice Exams available for purchase. -----

Important information about how the practice exams work

How to study for the state exam

All correct answers have equal value and there are no score reductions for wrong answers. Therefore, all examination questions should be answered.

Ample time is provided on the state exam to answer all of the examination questions, so take your time on the practice exam and be sure to read each practice question and its choices completely and carefully before selecting the BEST possible answer to the question.

Note: If there are any words that you don't understand, use your dictionary or even do an internet search to understand what the word means before moving on.

How the program works

Each practice exam has hundreds of questions. I can't give an exact number because it changes as the publisher/creator adds/changes/deletes questions.

These practice exams DO NOT contain the exact questions and answers that will appear on the state examination (that's actually illegal to do depending on how the questions/answers are obtained) but rather they have questions and answers that reflect the subject matter that the board wants you to know in order to pass the state exam.
You may find one or more questions on the state exam that are close to what was on your practice exam but that is strictly coincidental and simply because the same materials used to create the practice exams are also the same materials used to create the actual state exams.
Once you understand the subject matter, you can then answer any question correctly. The goal of the program is to familiarize you with the different subjects that will be included on the real exam and to give you the opportunity to practice with exams that are laid out like the state exams so that you're comfortable with them when you go to take your test.

Memorizing the questions and answers that appear on the practice exams will NOT help.

Note: Once you achieve a minimum 95% passing rate on the practice exams thenprint out your results as proof that you have achieved a minimum 95% passing rate.

Continue to practice until you are consistently scoring 95% or better and you'll do fine on the state exam.

You must study the practice exam as described here in this policy in order to qualify for the money-back guarantee.

As mentioned above -

These practice exams do not contain the exact questions and answers that will appear on the contractor examination but rather they have questions and answers that reflect the subject matter that the board wants you to know in order to pass the state exam.

And again, memorization has NO part in it.

When taking the actual state exam

Take your time and answer all the questions in a way that the real state exam is looking for, not in a way that you think to be true based on your opinion.

Be sure to read each question and its choices completely and carefully before selecting the BEST possible answer to the question.

Don't add more to it or possibly over-complicate it by factoring in your opinion. If you do over-complicate the questions/answers by factoring in your opinion based on your own knowledge (which although practical may not be the way the license board wants it) then you may not pass the exam.

Once you have completed the real exam, save the printout that the testing center gives you as proof that you passed or failed.

Your privacy is always kept safe and private

I keep your personal info private. I will never sell your info or distribute it in any way nor will I add you to my own newsletter unless you subscribe yourself.

To contact me

Please do feel free to email me with any questions you might have. [The reason why my phone support is so limited is because my son has Autism which can greatly affect my ability to conduct business via phone]

Okay... Ready to go? Please scroll down past the Macintosh information (unless you're interested in Macs) :) and click on the individual form title(s) to read about each individual trade or if you're ready to purchase then please click on the "Add to Cart" button for the practice exam(s) that you wish to purchase.

Thank you!!

Macintosh Users

I too am on a Macintosh and I love it. But I get SO frustrated when a program that I want to use does not work on Mac.

Let me start off by saying that ALL of the forms that are available at my website work on Mac and PC computers (I make them right here on my Mac).

So after you get your license please keep me in mind for your forms needs. I've even got legal help, insurance help, and so much more to help you with your construction business. :)

Anyhow I found out from someone (and I'm assuming it to be true because it makes sense) that the reason why so many programs don't work on Mac is because Apple makes it very difficult for developers to make their programs work on Mac.

Apple does this for our own protection. By making it difficult for developers to make their programs work on Mac, Apple greatly reduces the chances of our Macs getting viruses.

That's one reason why we're currently so virus free. :)

Not that all software developers put viruses in their programs, indeed the majority don't I would assume, but the protections put in place by Apple do still make it difficult for the honest developer. That's why the publisher/creator of these practice exams doesn't make them Mac compatible.

But again please keep in mind that the forms you'll find here DO WORK ON MAC so please remember me when you get your license and need your forms to get your business going. :)

I should say instead that they work on all Apple/Mac computers except the original Apple computers, one of the older guys like the IIc or the IIe (remember those?). And the original Macintosh? Prior to that they'd been Apple Iic and IIe, things like that. Anyhow the forms work on all Macs basically. :)

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