Why I'm licensing my forms to other companies

I don't want you to spend any more of your money than needed

I used to work at a muffler shop in California 20+ years ago. Driving cars/trucks onto those ramps over the 10' deep work 'hole' was terrifying - but truth be told, probably more exciting than terrifying! ;o)

Anyhow, one thing that our customers were always amazed at was that we didn't sell them anything that they didn't need - plus we explained to them why they didn't need it so that they wouldn't get ripped off by some other shop.

If they still wanted the work done then we'd do it for them but we always made sure they knew their options first - we didn't want our customers to spend more of their money than was necessary.

I have that same philosophy for you and all of my readers and customers.

I want you to be able to have the best forms & paperwork management system for your needs - for the least amount of money

I'm constantly looking for easier, quicker, and less expensive options for contractors and boy did I find a great one this time - waaaay better than what I'm able to offer!

I've licensed PDFfiller.com to sell my forms through their own website - and it's opened up some wonderful opportunities for everyone.
  • For roughly the same amount you’d pay to purchase just one form from me you'll have access to all of their documents - which includes even more of my forms that they've already made available.

  • PDFfiller will gain new customers once contractors see how easy the system is to use - guaranteed!

  • I get to focus on other areas of your business to help with the crazy amount of issues that crop up every day - all the while keeping my eye on the forms in case I need to update them


I'll earn a one-time commission but *only* if you click a link here at my site to get there and then only if you decide you like the PDFfiller system.

My commission is roughly equal to the cost of one form here at my site so I'll be honest in saying that this new arrangement is definitely hitting me where it hurts but hopefully only for the short term as I work at adding even more excellent solutions for your business.

The important thing right now is that this is a method to allow *you* better control over your forms and documents... as mentioned I'm always on the lookout for better and less expensive methods for contractors.

Now I have more time to spend with you guys and gals to focus on every aspect of your business needs - not just forms!

I have always wanted to be able to do more of the following for you:
  • Write how-to articles that answer your specific questions

  • Bring you more in-depth help and information from industry experts

  • Be more readily available to answer your questions
... and so much more, but there's *always* something in the way that keeps me from having the time to do that.

One thing I really enjoy doing is flipping generally-accepted ideas on their heads and examining them from beneath. Based on my own contracting experience and those of many of my readers, things work a whole lot differently than it would appear on the surface. It's that sort of information that I want to get out to all of you - it's just too important to not be aware of this stuff.

That's why this is such an exciting WIN-WIN opportunity for all of us!

When getting your form(s) from PDFfiller you'll have so many more options for editing than you have when purchasing and downloading the form from here at my website - and just think:
  • NO more lost forms

  • NO more waiting until I'm available to get a replacement

  • NO more hassle
Your forms will always be right there ready for when you need them again.

And I'll finally have the time to spend to put together the various bits of information that I know you need, since I won't be constantly working on forms.

Look at what you can do with my forms at PDFfiller

Take a look at how much more robust the forms are when you get them from PDFfiller.com:
  • Fill 'em in (any color you want, any style you want, etc. - I'm unable to give you those choices if you download the form from me)

  • Easily get rid of text and/or images (again I'm unable to provide those choices if you download the form from me)

  • Easily add text and/or images/logos (logos are another big struggle if you download the form from here)

  • Digitally sign it (their digital signature system *stomps* my digital signature 'system')

  • Send it through their system (email, fax, invite your customer to go online to access and print the document you sent him - getting the form from here doesn't allow for inviting a customer to go online to get his form and/or sign it and send it back to you)

  • Lock it so that the recipient can't do anything to/with it that you don't want him to

  • Access every single form and document in their system, not just the forms you see here

  • Know that you are going to *seriously* advance your business workflow as well as increase security

  • Collaborate with your team members no matter how far the distance is between everyone

Believe me, I would *NEVER* allow another company to distribute my forms if I didn't think that it's really worth it for you to take a look

If I have other forms here that you'd like to be able to use at PDFfiller please let me know (and also please let them know as well).

If *you* have any forms that you'd like to use through their system please email me and I'll get it set up for you.

Have fun exploring PDFfiller.com and have a terrific day!
PS: Whichever way you decide to go I'm always more than happy to help you. The forms are still available here and will remain (for the time being at least) so if you wish to purchase straight from me then 'come on down'! :o)
P.P.S. But please do take a look at PDFfiller.com before making that decision.