Free Construction Contract Forms and other Free Legal Forms online = BAD idea!

I am so sick and tired of the "free legal forms" that are offered at so many websites!

There are lots of websites that provide free forms.

But don't ever for a minute think that they're doing it out of the goodness of their hearts or that the free forms they offer are legally acceptable and correct for your needs!

Their goal is to get you "in the door" with an offer for free legal forms online so that they can sell you something that they promote. Or they're making money through other means (such as selling advertising, etc.) and they're using construction-related information to pull you in to help them make money by clicking on those ads and/or buying something that is promoted there.

Important note about free forms

Says Catherine W. of A A B C Construction in the Tri-Valley area in California:

I went to file the mechanics lien today....and tried to use a free lien document from the web.

If you don't already have this in your tutorial you may consider including it.

Free web forms are a waste of time!

The recorder would not accept the form on account it was not clear.

So I logged on to your site right now and purchased the lien forms.

Imagine if Catherine had been down to the wire and it had been her last chance, last day, last minutes, to get her lien filed.

She would have been seriously out of luck if she had been out of time (thank goodness she wasn't!).

Don't let that happen to you! Purchase your forms here with full confidence that if you are unhappy for any reason I will refund your purchase.

With not a care for the time you're losing at their websites (any time spent looking at forms that are not legally acceptable is lost time).

And neither do they care if you suffer any kind of legal mess for using one of their legally-inaccurate 'but hey they're free' forms.

But even with all of that aside how sure can you be that those free legal forms and free construction contract forms are going to protect your rights?

I have looked at many free forms offered through various websites and I have yet to find one that is legally accurate!

That is what irritates the cr*p out of me. The fact that contractors are out there trying to do an honest job for honest pay and they don't even realize that it could be all for naught simply for using a "free form" that isn't legally acceptable.

It's tough enough to keep things going through this miserable economy and then you find out that the free legal forms online that you used weren't the right forms and now you're "out of luck" (to put it gently).

There are so many clauses required by the laws in the various states and if your forms don't have those clauses I guarantee you that your state government (and federal in some cases) isn't going to take pity and say "oh no problem, we understand, you used a free form".

They're going to say "tough luck sucker, maybe you should have found a website online that sells good forms instead of downloading free forms".

Unlike those big conglomeration companies and people behind those free legal forms online websites, I have used the forms that I sell here at my website for many years in my own construction business. I know they work.

It's as the saying goes "you get what you pay for" and it's no different in the case of free legal forms online

But, unlike getting a free lipstick or a free book or a free lawn gnome ;), those free construction contract forms are not free!

Why? Because of what free legal forms can cost you if you use them and they don't have the correct language. No right to collect payment, no lien rights, possible discipline by the license board, possible suit against you by your customer, and so on.

Can you really risk using free construction contract forms that could end up costing you everything, business and personal, when you could have bought and downloaded a form that would have been the right form?

And the support that you'll receive from me and the attorneys I have lined up (they answer questions free of charge) is phenomenal, and it's not just about construction forms it's about all things related to construction. And you definitely won't get that kind of support from a free legal forms website.

Please feel free to try out my forms, I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like the form(s) then you get your money back - it's that simple.

I realize that some people will think something along the lines of "well sure she'll say that, she's selling what I can get for free".

Although I won't be able to convince everyone, as a contractor I do know the risks involved when relying on those free construction contract forms and other free legal forms and it's just plain not worth it.


Here are some quick examples for you:

I ran a search in Google for free legal forms and I checked out the first few sites.

The first one has two entirely different free construction forms that are labeled as being the same form. They also do not reference the correct California code.

The second website has free waiver release forms that state that they are "valid in all states" and that they are "all prepared by lawyers" but waiver release forms differ from state to state. Look at my previews for the waiver release forms for California vs. Nevada and you'll see that the language is different for the two states. Are you willing to risk using a form that doesn't meet the proper legal requirements for your state?

And on top of those errors, even though the website says the forms are free, they aren't always free. Sometimes there actually is a charge for them. And even if there isn't a fee to download them, imagine the cost if you use a form that isn't valid.

The third website I came to, which actually does sell some legitimate products, distributes some free forms but again they're not safe to use, they don't contain the proper language.

Many Internet users are discovering the hard way that the free form they selected is not valid. Some of these sites are even representing forms to be "State Specific" but they're not. They're general and if your state has specific requirements you can bet the free forms (that are being claimed as state specific) do not comply with the laws of your state.

Ultimately and obviously the choice is always yours as to how you end up handling your construction paperwork. Stick with me and I won't do you wrong. Go with some free legal forms online website and I won't be able to do anything for you should it fall apart due to a bad form. :(

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!

PS: If you have any doubt about my experience and connections, please visit a few pages of my websites - and Download Construction Forms - to see that I know what I'm talking about (and then be sure to come on back here to purchase your forms). ;)

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