(760) 490-2557


My business phone number was 760 490 2557.

I recently disconnected it simply because I wasn't using it enough to justify the expense.

I'll be using my personal phone from now on.

If you need me to call you please email me to let me know along with a couple good times to call and I'll do my best.

Email/Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+ (electronic means) is *always* the preferred method of communication for me because I can write everything out, read it over, etc. before I send it to you and then you have a copy that you can refer to as often as you might need.

Due to a somewhat recent head injury it's more difficult for me to explain things verbally simply because I often lose my place in conversations now (an immediate short term memory thing I guess).

I have the knowledge to answer the questions that I do but with one little interruption (e.g. see more about my son below) I forget where I was at in my explanation. ;o)

Also my 22 year old son lives with me and *very* often needs my help. He has Autism and he's fully dependent on me in regard to 'life skills'.

This can often cause interruptions during phone calls as well as when writing email however with email I don't have to interrupt you when my son interrupts me.

Thank you for your time and understanding!!